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 ethics ?'s  

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1. A 45 years old man comes to you with a H/O dysuria. You suspect him for Gonococcal urethritis. He requests you to code his specimen without his name as his wife works in that laboratory and reads all the reports. What you will do

A. Send a coded sample to the lab.

B. Convince him to disclose this to his wife.

C. Send the specimen to another lab.

D. Tell the patient that you cannot send the coded sample.
2. As a physician you have two patients for lung transplantation. You only have one pair of lungs available. One of the patients is 55 years old and is a Non smoker. The other patient is 45 years old and in spite of all efforts is unable to quit smoking. How will you take a decision about the transplantation between the two patients?

A. According to the age of the patient

B. Productivity

C. The probability for quitting smoking

3. A truck driver comes to you for a regular physical examination. He tells you that he is regularly taking Amphetamines to keep himself alert and high.

What you will do at this moment?

A. Send the patient to the drug control centre.

B. Inform the transportation authority

C. Inform the police

D. Inform his employer

4. A man comes to you for a repeat prescription of a narcotic drug. After a detailed history and physical you discover that this patient is not in need of these drugs. A colleague of yours is regularly giving him this repeat prescription. In the mean time your colleague arrives and you tell him about the situation and he says that this is none of your business. What you will do in this situation?

A. Prescribe the medication

B. Suggest your colleague to send this patient to the Drug control and rehabilitation centre.

C. Report your colleague to the college of physicians and surgeons

D. Report this all to the hospital authorities

5. A man is a very heavy drinker of alcohol. The decision to report him is because he is

A. Flying an aeroplane

B. Driving a car

C. Works in a laboratory

D. Sexually abuses his 8 years-old step daughter


i'll be posting questions on ethics(i have about 50 of them) but i dont have the answers to these questions. so please lets post our answers with explanations so that we can come to the right answers.

i'll go for -

1) D, this is a transmissible dz and so his wife must know about this. i was also getting tempted to go for B.

2) C, it will be unjust not to give the lung to the 50 yr old guy who never smoked.

3) B, informing the proper authorities should be done and then maybe send the patient for drug rehabilitation.

4) C, reporting to the CPS is the right thing to do.

5) i dont know the answer to this one so my guess is A.


4. D - it's rule.
5. D- can't explain.
about other answers - agree with you.


agree with yu p53 on the answer to 4th question. i got it wrong.

if a resident or a colleague at hospital, report to program director or hospital authorities.

if doc is in private practice, then state licensing board.

thanks p53.




1] B one should always try to aviod any confrontation first. try to convince
2] C
3] D police & other authority cannot do any thing without evidence.additionally they have limited option in this case. employer will not ask for any evidence & will take immediate action without any doubt.
4] D is good but B should be tried first. if we can resolve the issue without creating problem for our colleague then I think it is good. Atleast I would do that.
5]A All has a pontential to harm other but A can cause harm that will exceed the sum total of all other combined


thanks so much guys for the input. it surely helpssmiling face

i'll go with srf on 1-B(should call both husband and wife in office to discuss with them to make sure that husband discloses his dz to his wife)

srf, the answer to the 4th question is D. its there in kaplan notes.


thanks achilles.
I wish you had answer of all q, so that we can know what is right & what is wrong.


ditto your words srf. i wish i had the answers, but i guess we are all doing a good job at coming to the right answerssmiling face


"5A All has a pontential to harm other but A can cause harm that will exceed the sum total of all other combined"



you got a point msyamp, agree with you. the answer to the 5th question should be D.

and also rest all are somewhat the same options, all of them involve driving or flying etc. and in any of them alcoholism is not legal if he is drunk at the time of doing the activity. very good point msyamp. thanks.


Well, great work! You have helped me to improve my knowledge about this field. Thank you so much for sharing.

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