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 ethics ?  

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1. A young man is brought to the ER after a MVA. It was a head on collision between a small car and his truck. The old lady driving the car died on the spot. This young man has a few bruises on his chest and abdomen. He is otherwise stable and seems to have no serious injuries. In the mean time police arrives and ask you to with draw some blood for the blood alcohol levels. What you will do?

A. Ignore the police

B. Order the nurse to withdraw blood and label it and send it to the laboratory

C. Make a telephone call to the laboratory staff and request them as if they could do the blood alcohol from the same amount of blood sent for other investigations.

D. Tell the police that you need to take consent from the patient


i do not have the answer to this question so pls give your answers with explanation.

i'll go for C as the answer. the patients right to refuse can be withheld in this situation as his physical condition is dangerous to others so its not D. A is never and option. if the lab cant do it then we can withdraw more blood.

pls give your answers with explanations.


c is the answer u don.t need his consent.and drawing blood again will b inconvinient to him


if driver refuges to take test, his or her driving privilege is automatically suspeded for one year.
this is a rule.
that suggest that you have to take consent.
you can find this rule in any DRIVER'S HAND BOOK.


agree with srf - D.


that makes sense srf...i'll go with D too.

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