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 most common deficiency in USA  

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In the U.S., the most common nutritional deficiency is


vitamin B12
vitamin D





its surely iron deficiency anaemia.


it should be Iron


yes , it is iron deficiency


iron deficiency






Could Any one please explain why its Iron.


very helping.


definitely not calories grin


does anyone noticed that the question was asked way back in 2006?


very simple in extreme age ( Neonate and Senior or senile age ) iron def anemia is Number one ( premature babies , start cow milk too early , any Congenital diseases and CVS in neonate ,....
in elderly Cancer colon with Lower GIT bleeding in middle age Peptic ulcer or Esophagitis or Aloholic
the qs more byond the stright concept look at it that way



iron deficiency
vitamin d deficiency

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