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Actual score 77 /197, USMLE timed cumulative average 55%. only used Premier ans studed 1.5 months.


Exam Date: Dec 27-28
Result Date: Jan 17th
Score: 200/77
1)USMLE world(only Internal medicine questions)
2)MTB step3 once
3)Read my note of step2CK on (surg/OBGYN/Psych/Peds)
The exam is very doable. If you do UWORLD once is enough. Esp if you are internal medicine resident.


Exam date: March 11/12
Score Report: May 29/13 = 211
No more 2digit scores...current passing mark is 290
Reviewed 4-5months
UW/Archer's/Premiere/MTB/FA/Old Kaplan vids and notes
The exam is doable guys. I just hope my score is enough to rouse interest from any PD due to my low previous steps.

Let's all match soon.. Good luck all! Thanks to the forum! I really found a great study partner here.


Reviewed 7 months with family medicine residency PGY-2

read Kaplan's Masters the Boards X2 with added notes from other sources such as USPSTF, UpToDate, Archer's videos

Archer video lectures (Great Help the second time!!!!)

UW qbank: cumulative : 63%

Did UW CCS cases X 2

UWSA: 420( 1 month before exam)

1st attempt: Dec 2012: Score Report: Jan 2013: 174 (failed)

2nd attempt: April 24, 2013, Score report: May 29, 2013 = 202 (Pass) wink

Thank You Prep4usmle for your help through my usmle experience

Good Bye to USMLE forever!!!!!!!!!


hi everyone, i got a 380 in my nbme, the mean in nbme is 500 with 100 SD, does this mean that 380 is a passing score or not, i can't find any interpretation of that score
thanks... my test is in 28 days, did uworld once, and repeated half the questions again, will do ten days of mtb only, then do the other half of uworld, CCS cases, will do Uworld ccs cases twice before test, the ready cases(41 cases) will just read them fast.
Please tell me if my score and the preperation can make me pass. Thanks a lot


380 on a NBME is about a 187, which is not passing but close. 28 days is a good amount of time if used wisely and if all you want to do is pass. Good luck! smiling face


Happy to share
Exam dates: 11/08 and 12/08
Score released: 03/09 at 12 am EST
Not in residency yet and
not applying for us residency/intern
Prep time: 2-3 months
Sources used: usmleworld qbank
With Ccs and crush step 3
Uworld qbank average: 65% (entire qbank)
Uwsa: 600 (238)
Nbme 3: 610 (242)
Usmle cd: 77%
Final score: PASS/208
Goodbye USMLE!

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Hi Everyone,

This is an amazing forum for everyone to Interact about Step Scores and various Study techniques.

My Step Scores are
Step 1 : 243/99
Step 2 : 233/99
Step CS: Pass/1st
Step 3 : 204/84.

The last score is kind of a blemish in my otherwise good scores. I did match to a very good residency program because they don't really care about your Step3 score. But currently, I am on the Interview trail for endocrinology Fellowship and a Program Director recently asked me about my not so great performance in Step 3. confused

He intensely advocated that Step 3 is meant to be taken during Residency, and low Step 3 scores kind of reflect poorly in Fellowship application. Now, 3 years after taking step 3, I strongly recommend that everyone should take STEP 3 in their residency, as it is easier to crack and get great scores because you have better understanding of the US medical system.

I say to this to all the IMG's out there in this forum. My 2 cents !! nod



This forum helped me thru my own studying. Now time to share!

Short about me:
IMG American/Other (dual citizen) nod
Been a practicing physician here in my (other) country for about 5 years.
No plans, as of now, to pursue further options in the US. Started doing the steps because I had some vague idea that they might come in handy one day. Hence, they were never a must.

I don't mind long chaotic working hours as a physician. But, I hate studying. Always have, always will. I just wanted to pass the steps with as little effort as possible. Scores never really mattered to me. So perhaps u shouldn't read this if you're a high-score achiever..

Step 1 mad

(2007/2008) ~190 (pass 1st attempt)


6 mnths total. (actual studying time: last 3 wks)


BRS, Kaplan (lecture notes, med ess's, videos, mcq) Lange Q&A, Ridiculously simple, Recall-series etc. etc. etc.

I slopped thru all these sources, big waste of time, didn't know what I was looking for or what I was doing and retained almost nothing.

In the end, a bit late, was advised to try usmleworld. So with 3 wks left (and too fed up to postpone the exam) I blasted thru the entire uw-bank x1 with enough time to mop up all incorrect and marked q's again.

If I could re-live this part of my life, I wish I would've used ONLY Kaplan Med Essentials and UWorld (but known these two sources perfectly instead).

Step 2CK grin

(2011/2012) ~250 (pass 1st attempt)


1.5 months total.

Planned it well. Then stuck to the plan. Studied 8-5 mon-fri. Took the weekends and evenings off.


Not wanting to repeat the step 1 source-overload-disaster and general dicking around - I exclusively used Kaplan MTB Step 2 CK and uworld. Did all uw-mcqs twice and learnt the MTB CK by heart.

Step 2 CS wink

(2012/2013) PASS (1st attempt)


3 wks total.


First aid step 2 CS and 1 wk Kaplan prep course (with a practice exam).
Learnt every letter in the First Aid CS cold. Practiced on friends and family every case x3.
The Prep course was mostly a waste of time, but it had two good days. One day was a ~5 patient encounter, exam mode, with feedback from the patients (awesome) and then a practice exam (without any useful feedback info) but the latter took some stress off the real thing.

Step 3 sticking out tongue

(2014/2015) ~230 (pass 1st attempt)


2 mnths total.


Uworld and MTB step 3.
Did all uw-mcqs x2. Reset and did them all again till I knew the answer of every question even before finishing the first sentence. Also did the CCS so many times that I could recite the entire cases and correct answers like some religious fanatic. MTB was ok, looked a lot like MTB step 2CK, used it mostly for reference and when I wanted to sit outside for a while.


Was strangely the most nervous about this step, even though I felt better prepared than for any other step. Guess I was afraid to break my "passing on 1st attempt"-voodoo. Two day long exam, Jesus.

Summary cool

Don't repeat my mistakes. Stay fit. Stay confident. Plan, but don't get stuck in forums like thissmiling face Pick 1 or max 2 sources. One of them should prob be uworld (or whatever mimics the real thing best). Imo, better to know a few sources perfect than several superficially.

Also consider taking 6-12mnths off and burn thru all steps in one run. These exams overlap sooo much. Many free points floating around. Believe me, you'll find step 2CS stuff in step 1 and step 1 stuff in step 3.

Real life I find pretty remote from these exams, even though I can't deny that the usmle-info has, at times, helped me at work. Words I like to repeat "great exam takers don't automatically make great doctors!"

Good luck to all. Don't despair.


Edited by rectalpain1 on Feb 05, 2016 - 1:18 AM


Hi guys if anyone need a tutour for help with Step 3 contact with the date when your taking your exam. Thanks.

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