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I wanted to post on here because this forum was helpful to me in terms of both preparation/guidance and reassurance as I prepped for step 3.

I basically focusied on USMLE world. I did it once and marked all the ones I wasn't 100 percent comfortable with. Got 64 percent correct. Than I did the markeds and the incorrects over again. I read Kaplan White Coat Notes as a text and looked up articles as needed. I did USMLE world self assessment 3 weeks before and got a 207 but wasn't on my best that day. I also did Kaplan self assessment and got 67 percent a week before test.

On test day I felt the exam was very hard. I marked every question I wasn't sure about and I usually had 40-50 percent of questions marked per section. The ED/-npatient blocks were particularly challenging and lots of reading. More than anything this is a test of reading comprehension and stamina. I was sure I failed when I walked out because I had to do so much "guessing" and felt totally out of command the entire time. I even called like 3 friends who had already passed who felt the same way and reassured me.

Got the score last week 220/93. See you later Step 3.

My advice: do questions. This test tests reading comp, critical thinking and stamina. All the memorizing in the world won't help you beyond a few key sets of facts. Good luck to all I thought this was the hardest of the steps don't take it lightly.


what's this usmle CD people keep mentioning -- exam on dec 7th, might be too late to source it. let me know if this is useful and how to get it - thanx guys!


trinidoc wrote:
what's this usmle CD people keep mentioning -- exam on dec 7th, might be too late to source it. let me know if this is useful and how to get it - thanx guys!

Hi trinidoc,
That's the orientation material downloaded from smiling face


ooooooh -- much thanx tofu! will check it out.


had exam today -- was crazy! 1st day was yest -- intense, timing off, down to last 5mins in all blocks. today -- timing still off, missed one ques cuz time ran out. ccs -- easy but careless mistakes made -- at least 2 out of 9 cases were borderline/fail (i clicked TURP instead of radical prostatectomy for ca!!). rest of cases closed off after 5mins or so. take your time folks, the 2nd day has ample break time so don't worry. also, too much prep not advised for this exam -- you can't read answers/explanations for some of these questions anywhere.

my prep -- approx 4-6/52
got dengue fever and that knocked me out a bit early on
MTB -- read 200 pages or so
UW 73% on tutor mode
Kaplan (did 1st) 69% timed tutor mode
UW cases did 11/52
read 5/40 write ups
practiced on 1/6 test materials ccs cases

moral: relax, do questions and practice timing.
don't sweat ccs, but learn what is 1st line medication wise in america -- you will be tempted to type metoclopramide/dimenhydrinate/pethidine etc. otherwise owing to relflexes you generated in clinical experience (if IMG)

summary: to ace this do 2 q-banks plus incorrects -- do ethics over twice regardless how annoying or how much you got right!
ccs -- use the practice materials online coming down to end and go over tutorial
do the 52 usmle cases on the UW simulation. don't bother to read the 42 writeups.
textbooks: not adequate or necessary. many people praise MTB but FA had a good layout. i didn't use this angle so can't comment.

big point -- treat the ccs as if it were a REAL patient, if the patient is in the ER, review/advance q10-15mins even if nothing happens. you wouldn't really "see patient with next result" in an ER!! that option is more for office case.

i'll be glad to just pass -- let's see how it goes!

did not do UWSA but it's there -- for kicks i might do it just to give you guys an idea of correlations over the weekend.

good luck to all of you on the exam DAYS!! 2 days -- that in itself can defeat some ppl regardless of prep! maybe it defeated me as well. let us see, may score should appear on my signature below in 3-4/52!


Exam date : 11/16,11/17
Score reported: 12/07
Total prep time: 2 months on and off
Materials used: MTB 1 time, Uworld 1 month
Uworld: 1 month - 65% timed/unused
UWSA: 237
NBME: didnt take (don't know if that was a mistake)

Actual Score: 213/81

Expected around 225 but it doesn't matter now does it??confused


213 is still above the mean lazymle, so good job regardless!


i retract the statement b4 where i said not to read a text ... i suggest FA because MTB is not updated yrly and the FA was sectioned exactly according to the exam breakdown. THis may have been one of the two factors causing my score of 204. The other being the need for more CCS prep. Read the FA plus do what I've mentioned b4 and you'll def get the >225 score layzmle and I wish we had!


Trinidoc, did you receive your step 3 score?
I gave my exam on Dec 9th and 10th, still havent received the score report.
I have checked the candidate website and my email.
Is there anywhere else I should be looking?


hmmm ... i got my score (as per above) ... took it on 7-8th. you may get it on Tues night next week (see candidate website) or early wed morning. email comes the day after (Thurs).


Thanks, man. GL with the match!


Score seems wired.
Exam dates 10th and 15th Dec.
Report date 12th Jan
Score 254/92.
Prep 6 weeks using Kaplan step 2CK notes from 2006
along with USMLE world (70% complete with
Score of 68% correct, all timed and unused.

I have just finished my second year post grad in New Zealand
Clinical experience and usmle world were key for this exam

It seems my 2 digit score is too low relative to the 3 digit score
Emailed usmle and they stated that the passing score for the 2
Digit score was changed in Oct but this still seems strange

Anyone know why this might be?


Exam date - 20 & 21 Dec 2011
studied for approx 2 month - usmleworld and MTB.
Result - 19/01/12
Score - 219/82
the two digit score is depressing but frankly I am pretty happy that i passed and got >200.
To anyone who is planning on giving Step 3 during interview season, I would advise them to seriously reconsider it. I think the stress of having to wait for interviews esp when you get only 2 like me and having to travel to and around the US, concentrating on studying for the exam is pretty difficult.
All the best to everyone.. smiling face


I have just received my step 3 examination result. 198/77 which means pass. Although I aimed for pass I was expecting a higher result after the examination because I felt like I did good. I used family practice examination and board review, 2nd edition, aka Jason Family Practice, as the main source. I also used UW questions and cases, each for one month. I was getting 60s from in non-timed mode. My total study time was barely 4 months with a full-time job.


Step 3 score: 204/78 (1st attempt)
Test dates: March, 2012
UWSA: 207/460
NBME: did not do
Study materials: Crush step 3 (once), USMLEworld (Qbank and CCS, once, MCQ average 56%)
Preparation: 2.5 months, 2 hr/day
Background: Path resident, IMG, 2 babies at home
Step 1: 92 (1st attempt)
Step 2: 97 (1st attempt)

According to my experience, practising Qbank and CCS well is very helpful. Although UW prepared me well on the CCS, the real CCS cases may have multiple morbidities rather than one single disease. Remember certain antibotics for common diseases.

Good luck to everyone


Hey Everyone

I am sorry for posting in the wrong thread but need your help. I did UWSA for step 3 and got 222/520, just want to know that if this enough to sit for exam. I am stressed out with the score.

Help would be appreciated



Hi doc 4382, I think it is a great score, go for it!


Hey thanks WH, I was actually lukin for a score projection...


I took step 3 on 26-27th June 2012, first day very difficult, most of the cases were like the self assesment test at USMLE world, the second was much easier.
(USMLE world with timing 67%, 550 self assesment).


score report for step 3 225: 84

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