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 here is how to score a 99 in ck  
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Hi suzi,
how much is your basics,i mean that do you read the LN already or you want to start from now? If you want to start now, dont wast your time with lecture notes, i think go for UW for sure, and read or review it as much time as you have, and read Master the boards along with it. dont expand your resources, just read these two and you are good to go. there is no more 2 digit score as you said. the score more than 240 is good and if you want to match for the radiology or dermatology or anesthesiology and the top specialities you should have score more than 250. so i think you should set your goal for 260, and if you get under that you wouldn't be disappointed!! any time you need advise for step 2, i am here.


Thank you so much for replying. I really appreciate it. smiling face
As for my CK preparation, I started it about a month ago. I have gone through Kaplan lecture notes of surgery, obs/gyn, pediatrics once briefly and now doing psy and biostats. I haven’t done medicine yet. There is something about medicine that is intimidating to me. I had started my prep with medicine but left it mid waysad. As you advised, I do plan on doing UW and MTB soon.
I don’t have friends who are taking step 2 ck so I feel lost and unmotivated. I took my step 1 in June. Now I wish I had started my step 2 prep earlier. Too late for that thought… confused
I am an IMG and from what I hear, specialties IMGs get selected to are limited to IM, FM, ped and psy. (Is that true?)
Thank you a lot again…


IMGs can get into any specialty, including Radiology, Anesthesiology and Dermatology. They tend to end up in less competitive specialties because there is just a higher standard to meet to get into the top specialties and they favor AMGs.

I am currently a Radiology resident and I can tell you there are a good number of IMGs in it...they just did extremely well on the Steps (>260). This means that you should do everything you can to increase your Step scores to keep your options open and do what you are actually interested in for your career.

I basically agree with the last poster...focus on key resources and do them completely. Step 2 Secrets is the best single book for Step 2 CK, but UWorld is also very helpful. One other option that never gets mentioned is personalized tutoring. It can be extremely helpful to have someone guide you every step of the way to the highest score possible for you to ensure you get into the specialty of your choice.


good luck everyone. its great to learn that everyone is trying hard. things are difficult but will work out ultimately.


Dear suzi
as other saying, getting into competitive specialties is possible if you have god scores, set your goal, get your resources, start and try hard, you don't need so much basics for step 2 just study and you are good to go!!!
I can answer every question that you need. IM an FM are the last options that you have.


hi sharvil...ur msg is really encouraging .....
I am an IMG and gave my step 1 in april and got score 208.....i really worked hard and was aiming 240+....not able to understand wat to do...

plz can anyone guide me wat to do....plz...should i givup on USA residency
oh god ....
show me the way...

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