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 here is how to score a 99 in ck  
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Best regards.


hi dr sharvil
i wish if u can help me
im 2006 IMG graduates
im in dermatology recidency in my country
i did step 1 (212/89)
and step 2 pending but expecting for 240
planing for cs on 12/2012
im wiliing for IM recidency
do i stand for a chance ,cosidering my low step1 and my graduation year?????
pLz i REALY needs your help
and thanx in advance.


i have no USCE
till now no LOR
no researech or publication
no viza


I even don't know what it is 99/268



i want ur help regarding wht books to
use for studying for step2
are there any new editions available
or 2009 edition is the latest one


and how to study
guidance pls
is most needed
as the format has been changed


Hi Dr. Sharvil,

I just wanted to THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR YOUR INSPIRATIONAL POST AND VALUABLE ADVICE. I read it many times and printed it out and tried to follow it as best i could. Because I failed CK twice before I was very worried this time around...But Thanks to God & Ur advice I PASSED w. PASS/210/78 (88 nodon old system, they changed 2 digit score).

God Bless U Dr.!smiling face


Hi sharvil ,
congratulation for your great score.
I have graduated in 2004.
I want to start studying for USMLE, and I am going to start with step 2.
What do you think about starting with Kaplan, and it's version?


Hi sharvil ,
congrats for your score.
i am planning to preparing for usmle step 2........but i need to know in india from where i can get


Hi sharvil ,
congrats for your score.
i am planning to preparing for usmle step 2........but i need to know in india from where i can get preparation material .....?
what about The chopra's .........O ANY OTHER ?????


I am enjoying my usmle step 2 ck prep with your advice.


wher should i get usmle sample cd?


heyyy i am done with my step 1 smiling face PREP for ck my score is not so great .need a mind blowing score nod smiling face smiling face


hey there,

i scored horribly on step 1, 206..!!!!!!

does anybody think i can get into residency with this score??


hehe i got ure exact same score. i dont know .i did quite a lot of research on this. found out 250 plus in step 2ck and good clinical experience and contacts will get us psych,family even IM


ohh really, thats kinda helpful.!! thanq angina84

i need help even for the step 2 prep.. do u know how long do i have to prepare for a decent score in step 2?

Edited by mnsri on Jan 23, 2013 - 8:18 AM


Thanks a lot!


Hi Every body!! I got my results a week ago!! I am thrilled and happy about the results. here is the resources i have tried:
first i start with kaplan lecture books with DVD and aftet i finishedeach section I tried UW 2010 Offline which i got from my friends, and then move to another section, after finishing all of them, i started to exam myself by online UW, and that was when i realized i should have move faster from LN to uw , and this is the first thing every body should know about usmle, i think that LN only cover the base of your knowledge and the true measurement of your knowledge start when you start answering the uw questions, i think i read UW three time till 3 days before my exam, i was not sure about the extending uw till the exam but i have done it and i don't regret it now. My percentile in uw was always above 95 .when i though i was ready i take UW self assessment and i got 262 and then scheduled my test date, in the mean time i took NBME 4 and 2 consecutively, first with form 4 and then form 2. form 4=260 and form 2= 246
in the day of exam, i was full stress, i cant think that i am actually taking an exam that i have spend 8 month before studying for it. at first i think i read first 5 questions 3 or 4 times and marked 10 questions in average in each block, the bio statics was awful and finally the exam ended. i came out and i thought my score would be lower than 220. after 3 weeks i got my results and my score was 259. i can not believe that. so i think NBME is the best estimator, and every body, while you are taking the exam you think that it might be worse exam ever but the results showed another thing, so don't panic just study hard. i forgot to say that, i am IMG and i had part time job all this time, so i think for somebody in my situation will take 8 month to read all of them


Dear niloofar
Congratulations! You did great! I hope you do even better for step 1 eventhough i know the score you got is excellent! Thanx for sharing our experience :-)


this is a great post. surely going to follow. i got 3 months before i take step 2 ck. and i need to score good! there is no more 2 digit score so what 3digit score would be equivalent to 99? smiling face

and as for the role model....i got none. maybe you now

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