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 here is how to score a 99 in ck  
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Thank you


HI sharvil..i am very new to this forum but i have read almost all ur threads...u r a great booster!!
like one of the fellow mates on this forum even i am planning to go for step2 before step1.. a small thing i want to ask is - will i be missing anything from step1 if i go for step2 first? i was kinda weak in my physiology in my first year of medicine..will that hold my scores back if i do step2 earlier?

Thanking you in anticipation! and good luck with ur residency!!


hello Dr.sharvil,

i read ur post...really inspiring..thanx a lot.
i want 2 ask u few things,

i hv U-world and kaplanQ bank doing mcqs frm these books, now i want 2 buy online website, my friend advised me 2 go for NBME as i hv other two in publisd form, what do u suggest me...??


winkthanks ,it sis very helpful


Have a nice day to all


hi akanshamehta, i think u shud be fine if u give step 2 before step 1. just go over the syllabi of both steps and decide on ur own.
hi samazr, i dont know the difference between the online and published whatever form u are comfortable. i would recommend the nbme one month before u are giving ur actual exam.
good luck everyone.


Hi Shravil,

i was wondering if you can give me some guidance. I am having a very hard luck with my exams. I had a few trials for Stp 1 and finally passed with passing scores. I flunked step 2 for the second time. I do have the knowledge. I scored 65% on UW and form 1 and 2 were close to 191. I still flunked it with a bad score of 169. Please guide.shaking head


wow its gonna take a day or so to digest that but thank you for a good explantion

off to the books now and ready for another miserable few months on these exams


hi shervil ,
I am about to start my step 2 preparation and i found your post encouraging ... thanks.


excelent thanks alot dear


hey i want to knw where to get kaplan qbank subjectwise ?i have got qbook kaplan where everything is combined ,so i want to know how to get individual subject wise kaplan qbank? is it in dvds or notes?


thank yopu very much.


Dear Sharvil,

I took my Ck about 4 months ago in august. While I was preparing for the test I was going thru a very major personal crisis, and after scoring a "not at all up to expextation" 83/203 on Step 1 I was under a lot of pressure regarding my performance. One day while browsing thru P4MLE I just happened to browse on to ur discussion. And the simplicity of the whole prep process as described by u totally blew me away.
I helped me channel my energy much better and I followed all ur advice down to a T. I read ur original write up once everyday before starting, and on the day of the exam I was so content with my efFort that my confidence was unshakable.
It has been a long time since I got my score, and this is my first time as an active poster on this forum , but I would like to thank you for making that effort to reach out to ppl who need ur guidance. I ended up with a 258/99 on CK, and partly the credit goes to u as well.

smiling face



thanks a lot guys, keep up the good work


thanks a lot
keep up the good work and u will be successful.



I have recently got my MBBS degree from China and I have also passed the Step 1 exam.
Now I have to submit my medical credentials to the ECFMG. I have two documents, one named Diploma of Graduation and the other one named MBBS degree certificate. So I am confused as to which document out of these two,I have to submit.

Secondly,there is another thing about the size of the documents in the ECFMG information booklet. The booklet mentions that the size should be 216mm x 279mm, but my original documents are A4 size. So can I send the photocopy of my documents as they are or should the copy be on 216mm x 279 mm paper or can I use an A4 size paper but resize the documents to 216mm x 279mm ?

Please clearify about the above mentioned things.


hey guys! I love all your stories!

I am very inspired with all the posts, thank you very much...

I got a 89 in STEP 1 confused, so I really need to get a better score for the STEP 2, that Im taking within 15 days.

I read all the Kaplan notes twice, then I went trough UW and got a 67 the fisrt time, know 15 days before my exam I am doing UW once again and reading First Aid and some of the notes that i took while reading Kaplan notes....

Do you think it's important to take an NBME before the exam?
Some other people recommend UWSA...please let me know what do you think and thank you I am really happy I found this forum days before my exam...

gringringrin Sorry about my english I am a foreign student...still learning! hope you understand!


Hi all,
I have been working on the UW Qbank with a time mode. At first, I used to leave almost 10 questions, on average, due to the time constrain. However, after i completing almost 2000 Q, it is the same. Almost 7-10 question left without answering.
I can't find a way to read the question faster so i can finish the block on time. Any idea on how to improve my speed in solving the questions?

Thanks so much.



Thanks very much for this comment. It help me to think about my ideals.

Tks again and pls keep posting.

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hi sharvil,

wat do u think is the best spacing between the different steps? like after how many months we have to take the other step. kindly share ur stratergy and please advise. thank u in advance.

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