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 Mexican IMGs  

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@ spitmetal !!!!!!!!!!! shocked
I have not seen you in a long time! smiling face

Applied to pathology only
Let's pray my friend nod

Do you have all steps? (S3?)

Taking S3 hopefully this october.

All the best!


I'm not taking it, maybe on nov or december, have you received any invites so far? 


spitmetal wrote:
I'm not taking it, maybe on nov or december, have you received any invites so far? 

Not yet (not rejections, not interviews)

My Eras messages - NO NEW MESSAGES

Lets wait


Karime good to see you , GL in your patho residency .



shwe wrote:
Karime good to see you , GL in your patho residency .


Thank you so much Shwe!!

All the best for your step 1 prep smiling face

Keep praying for us..


All the best for those applying!


Any student partner from mexicali, bc, who want's to start preparing for step 1?


Hey guys,

It's been quite a while since I last posted in this forum. I'm currently a pgy6 in Seattle at UW, doing a fellowship in spinal cord medicine. I did my PM&R residency in Houston and my internship in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. I'm pretty far removed from the whole ordeal of going through the steps but I still remember what going through the match was like; so, if I can be of any help with that, or Houston or Seattle or Pennsylvania (where I did my internship), please let me know.

Good luck with everything, this thing is definitely doable!


Hola! alguien esta estudiando para el step 3 en esos dias??quiero empezar apenas.Podriamos estudiaar juntos si quieren.


What you said it is interesting.


just took step 1 for 3rd and last time last week. I feel pretty good about it. Hopefully I passed, if not GOD has something better down the road for me. Last time after taking Falcon review and doing UW got a 179/70. This time just did UW for 6 months, FA and FA qbook (part-time only, since I have a full-time job and family).


Best of luck,raphymed!! Did you take NBME before giving your exam??


señores, como estan? Espero que todo marcha bien y que ya empezaron a prepararse para el match.
Les tengo una pregunta. Ya ven que uno tiene que entregar un trabajo de investigacion al terminar el año de internado. Puedo considerar eso como "publication" durante mi aplicacion para la especialidad.Espero que me pueden contestar.


I have never been to Mexico


Only if it appeared as an abstract; usually in a supplement of a journal


Hey any update!!!


Whats going on with the mexican people? Whats happening with the match, any input, please post!!!


Hola gente!

Soy nueva en el foro pero como veo q hay varios de GDL aquí les pongo esta info para los q estén interesados en tomar un curso de repaso para el Step 1.
Este ya mero empieza, el 3 de Dic. y dura hasta el 21 de Dic. Sera aqui en Guadalajara en el hotel NH en la calle Sao Paulo #2334 Col. Providencia. No es muy tarde para registrarse, aunque esta algo caro creo q vale la pena, esta medio intensivo el curso, casi diario dede las 6:00am hasta como las 4:30pm. Cuesta $2950 dólares USD, al parecer desayuno y comida están incluidos.
Vamos a ser casi puros alumnos del prog. internacional de la autónoma de Guadalajara pero en realidad esta abierto para el que quiera tomarlo.
Esto es lo q me contesto el cordinador en un e-mail:

"It is not too late and the cost is $2950. Interested students can visit our website to fill out and submit a Student Application for Registration using any major credit/debit card (including Amex) and choose Guadalajara as location, as well as to get detailed information about our program and Guadalajara, Mexico Review Info. Please do not hesitate to contact with more questions. Thanks!"


Ahh se me olvido mencionar, mas o menos por los meses de Marzo-Abril del sig año habra otro, pero ese curso va a ser el de Northwestern. Este que mencione arriba es de PASS program


Hello! It's been a long time since I have posted in this forum. Currently I am a third year internal medicine resident in Guadalajara, but I am trying to get back on track and get my ECFMG certification. Anyone interested in studying for step 2 in Guadalajara?

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