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Hi everybody, I just want to ask if there are some MEXICAN people there preparing steps for ECFMG or waiting to enter to a residency right now ???

I am from Mexico, of course. I live in Guadalajara, Jal, graduated from Universidad de Guadalajara. I would like just to keep in touch. And we could help us with advices and tips. Sometimes it looks like there aren't mexican people here, it looks like empty this IMG World forum.

I wanna be general surgeon, I have passed step 1, now preparing step 2CK.

Ok, see you later.

Edited by chemamr on May 29, 2007 - 2:40 PM


we could make this topic our site to discuss things, advices, sharing experiences, etc, etc


hi chemamr, i graduated from UDG too, I am in here in california, preparing for step 1, hope to be in touch in this forum bye


hi drgaxmac, nice to meet you, good luck in your step 1, which speciality are you interested in?, how old are you friend??

Keep in touch smiling face


i am 26 as to what specialty i am not sure yet, i was interested in surgery at first, but then i realized it's hard to get into that specialty. So now i am thinking more about internal medicine, but i haven't decided yet.

How are you? Did you graduate recently? did you take step 1 in Mexico?

keep in touch.


yes, here in Guadalajara. I´m 25, in 2 days i´ll be 26 years of age. I wanna study surgery. I know it´s hard but that´s what I like and I wanna try it. I made the PGY1 here in guadalajara in IMSS, clinic 46, but I quit to prepare 100% for step 2 CK.

smiling face Why do you say it´s hard. How much score should I get in steps to be able to get a good surgery residency program ??

Do you know about some experiences about surgery?

Please answer me smiling face


Well, i am 26 too. As for surgery i ve heard you need above 90 i all steps+good letters of recommendation.

But hey, nothing is impossible right????

Let's just go for it, and i am sure we will make it.

Did you graduate in 2003? where did you do your servicio social?

I don't know but maybe we know each other.

Keep in touch, bye


yes it´s possible we know each other and it´s also possible we´ll make it. We could save time if you tell me your name, what´s your name buddy? smiling face


My name is so if you know me, you'll know cause i have a very weird last name.

What's yours?????

Edited by drgaxmac on Dec 11, 2006 - 8:34 AM


no, i don´t know you. I made social service from august 2002 to august 2003 in Model Clinic from UdG in Guadalajara. My name is Jose Maria (chema) Mendez. Though Gaxiola sounds familial, I don´t know the reason.

So you haven´t done any step yet??


When i first got here, in february, I registered to take step 1 in may, so I studied for 2.5 months or so. I just studied from first aid, did some q bank, but i wasn't enough man. I got a damn 73, from there on i took it personal, and i said to myself that this exam was not going to beat me again. Now i am registered for the september period, and now i have kaplan. Hopefully this time i won't fail.

I was living here in the US with my family before getting this crazy idea of becoming a doctor so i went to gdl to do this.I studied in udg and lived with my granmother, my parents and brother have been living here in the US for a long time.

Your name does not sound familiar to me chema but let's keep in touch, hope to hear from you soon.


I think you are gonna do it well this time. Kaplan is very good. Good luck in your step 1!. Which city do you live?. Hey but are you from my generation (ended social service in august 2003) ?


I live about 50 minutes notrhwest of los angeles. I finished my social service on august but 2004. GL

Edited by drgaxmac on Dec 11, 2006 - 8:35 AM


oh, that´s the reason (diff generations). Ok, see you later Gaxiola smiling face . Keep studying .


aren´t there any other people from mexico?? I can´t beleive it, sure there are more but maybe they have just seen the message but they didn´t put any reply. jeje smiling face (i´m like paranoid personality)



Please post Replies!!! this is the mexican part of the forum, so if you're mexican please post here, a few words would do. That way we can support each other in this difficult path in front of us.


yes, that´s the idea! grin, that this topic is our part of the forum, where all mexican people preparing for steps support each other. smiling face


Hey chemamr (Dr. mendez) so I think there's no mexican docs but you and me huh?

Take care and keep in touch.

I miss the tortas ahogadas man!


yes, i think so. But that´s enough man. Just keep in touch!

Oh yes, mexican food is delicious. Tacos de la minerva, tortas cubanas, etc. grin

Are you married or single ?

you know, i will probably get married when I started PGY2 in USA, if all goes on well.


that's great man, i am single but i got my girl overthere in gdl, so maybe if everything goes well here in the US, i get married when i get into a residency, maybe the second year.

keep in touch .

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