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 kaplan qbank vs. usmleworld qbank?  

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With my exam 1.5 months away, which qbank should i get? Kaplan or usmleworld? I heard that the latter is harder and from what I've garnered from the score correlations usmleworld is worth it. Or is Kaplan better...

I'm currently revising my kaplan notes and plan on doing the simulated in a couple of weeks....suggestions? Criticism? Diatribes?................Limericks? All are welcome.


I don't have any limericks, but I will present you with the following:

Is money an object? If no, go with both, but make sure you do Kaplan first. If yes, do USMLE-world only.

And good luck. :-)


I agree with CruiseMissile. UW is closest to the way questions are asked on the real exam. I took my exam yesterday and felt that Kaplan was not anywhere near. But if money isn't a problem, it is always better to do both. But if you have to choose any one, choose UW.


bose, what was your exam like? what type of questions did you get?


I just went on reading the questions and picked an answer that seemed right. Hope I picked the right one. I am now so much scared of the results. Everything is so vague at this time.
It is very difficult to analyze if I did well or not.

Anyway, as everybody said, the exam is definitely doable, I managed to save 25 minutes break time for the last 2 blocks which helped me refresh my mind. I took a 3-5 minute break after each and every block with a 15 minute lunch break.

The questions seemed longer in general (at one point in time I literally sat down counting the lines of one Psych Q - 18 lines). But the test window is smaller than the actual computer screen size, so probably that increased the number of lines compared to UW. Maybe that was my assumption. Timing was never a problem, but 3rd block I had to hurry though.

I got a lot of IM, Pediatrics questions. Bruton's XLA was asked thrice. For whatever reasons USMLE folks seem to love Immunology. I got very few preventive, very few vaccines. EKGs were three - one A.Fib, one MI and the other I have no idea, just guessed from the question stem. Biostatistics were 4-5 questions. One was tough, the rest were easy. About 4-5 questions were directly from Step 1. One of them, a MRI image with a lesion, they asked what is the location of the lesion. Another, a gram stain slide with some microbes, they asked what it is. Because I did not yet take Step 1, I guessed based on the question stem and history.

Again as everybody knows it, UW is the closest among the bunch to the real exam. Kaplan QBank is a far cry.


I just posted this in a thread a minute ago so I could do so here, I really think it can help.
I'll do you all one better than either of those question banks...
I am serious.
I am prepping for the Step 1 in less than a month, and relying on this almost entirely as my source for questions.
I have access to USMLEworld and Q-bank and this in my opinions takes the cake.
You can choose every exam between Fred1 and Fred2 (the new USMLE interface). And, the answer explanations have links to tones of current textbooks and other resources, as well as giving a high yield hit, and great explanations as why each other choice was wrong.
So far, it been just fantastic for me. I use it way more than the others.
I truly think it is going to be the USMLEworld Killer.
I'm telling all my friends about it, and have converted almost all.
Just my opinion though. Goodluck to everyone!!!


JPS_MD pardon me but that is not true...

UW is the best right now, not because i say it because it has been proven a lot of times.


i love the kaplan style. works well for me


bose you had 3 questions on bruton's
wow i didnt know it was that high yield !
thanks for the tip off dude and good luck for your resuly
for me the stress train starts witht he exam in a month


Ya, i know World gets banging reviews from our peers, but there has to be a time when someone outperforms them, and it needs to be given a chance to be proven only by the trial and error method. Hopefully no error involved. BUt I am digging USMLE Consult right now, so I figured i'd throw it out there, since its not really well known. I do believe its a great QBank. And World doesn't let you practice in FRED2 Where Consult lets you choose Fred1 or 2 for each exam. Not a bad feature. I'd still say give it a shot for the 30 free questions.
And yes, thanks for the Bruton's heads-up!
Good luck everyone! I'll keep some luck for myself too though...haha.
Best wishes,

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