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 passed !  

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Hi Guys
Just passed step 3.
Thanks for help to all.


congrats jayakrishna
i think just passing is needed right to be eligible for H1 processing.u got it.




Passed 225/ 84 . Thank you Heavenly Father! You have honored me!


congrats bona &jayakrishna!!
kindly share your exam preparation materials etc.


Materials: Q bank of Kaplan, Boards and Wards and USMLE world
3 mo study
You can do it even not being a resident.
You can learn a lot if you try to give the same importance to all the anwers, they are like a ddx in most cases, and each of these can be a case as well. You can learn even from the case presentation. Get the maximum from every medical case presented in USMLE world. I would say it has huge information if you pay attention to all details. Blessing!


thanks..please tell what is Boards and wards?
im not doing kaplan Q bank it very important to do kaplan bank.?

exam was difficult than uw?
u did nbme ?



First i did Kaplan Q bank( 70$), and i study the Wards and Boards book ( i bought online for 30$ , it's the book of Dr. Fisher goes together with Kaplan Q bank.
Next i did USMLE world with timing( 76%). Did the USMLE world assesment in the end 550 after i reviewed all the material together. The way you study determines how much information you get.
I did only one of the blocks of the sample of nmbe got 83% there, i had no time, i needed to repeat the material.
Test was difficult, especially the first day. The second day was much easier, most cases i knew the answer right a way.


the first day it seemed like the self assesment test of USMLE world, the second day was much easier than USMLE world. You know i am sharing my personal experience. This worked great for me considering that i am not a resident, i have been a family physician in my country, i could see the difference in outpatient cases, i did great there comparing with inpatient.


thanks bona ..Is boards and wards book is by Carlos Ayala?

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