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 teratogenic drugs  

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hi all
please make a list of all the teratogenic drugs and their effects that you know.....

i think this thread will help many people...

here i start with

thalidomide----amelia or micromelia (absence os limbs or very short limbs)

phenytoin----fetal hydantoin syndrome

chkoramphenicol----grey baby syndrome

tetracyclines-----teeth malformation and discoloration

aspirin----early closure of ductus arteriosus

carbamazepine-----cleft lip and palate.


Recommended use only during the 13th to 36th week of pregnancy because of fetal abnormalities associated with it's use during the first trimester - chondrodysplasia punctata - and after the 36th week - fetal intracerebral bleeding.

Increases the incidence of Ebstein's anomaly,increased associated miscarriage risk with lithium treatment during pregnancy.

Sodium valproate-->
Increased risk (x20) of infant with spina bifida.

ACE inhibitors--> Renal damage

Cocaine--> Abnormal fetal dev. & addiction.

DES--> Vaginal clear cell adenocarcinoma.

Iodide--> Cong. goiter or hypothyroidism.

Isotretinoin-->Ear,Brain & Heart malformation.

A number of infections, if contracted in pregnancy, can have a teratogenic effects too-->

1) cytomegalovirus
2) rubella
3) toxoplasmosis


Fetal alcohol syndrome in 1st and 2nd trimester:

triad of abnormalities:

- craniofacial abnormalities
- CNS dynfunction
- stunting of growth

i also read somewhere abt ASD....plz confirm it!


It's a great idea to collate all the info on teratogens. Thanks a lot.


hey, these are HARMFUL for pregnant women

S- sulfonamides
A- aminoglycosides
F- flouroquinolones
E- ertythromycin estolase
T- tetracycline
C- clarithromycin

also, the first aid does have a really nice list of adverse side effects at the end of the pharm section, but i'm sure most of u already knew that...


"aahy1978" wrote:
hey, these are HARMFUL for pregnant women:

S- sulfonamides
A- aminoglycosides
F- flouroquinolones
E- ertythromycin estolase
T- tetracycline
C- clarithromycin

These are HARMFUL for pregnant women OR "fetus" ? Can you please elaborate the harmful effects of these drugs ?


This ANTIBIOTICS r not prescribed during pregnancy (as it harms fetus)

Mnemonic is SAFEST

S Sulfonamide
A aminoglycoside
F Floroquinolones
E Erythromycin estolase
S(C) Clarithromycin
T Tetracyclin


I don't see anything abt warfarin related to Chondroplasia Punctata (CP). The only article I see is back in 1977 that has this correlation. Also it looks like what CP is related to is a genetic disorder associated with mutation in the Peroxisomes. Again whoever posted this, did so in 2005, so don't know if at this point they will respond back, but I wouldn't go off on a couple of them. Good luck and please add what is necessary to the exam, or that you think would be of importance!


A comment on an earlier post which included Lithium, which of course is teratogenic, but oftentimes still continued during pregnancy due to increased risks associated with manic or depressive episodes during and after pregnancy.

Also regarding NSAIDs (excluding ASA) there is some evidence pointing to a teratogenic effect of these drugs, and they should be used only if necessary and with caution also during the first (and second) trimesters.

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