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 Mnemonics for USMLE Step 2 CS cases  

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HPI (history of present illness)
Ask for: LIQOR AAA

L Location of the symptom (forehead, wrist...)
I Intensity of the symptom (scale 1-10, 6/10)
Q Quality of the symptom (burning, pulsating pain...)
O Onset of the symptom + precipitating factors
R Radiation of the symptom ( to left shoulder and arm)
A Associated symptoms ( palpitations, shortness of breath)
A Alleviating factors (sitting with my chest on my knees)
A Aggravating factors (effort, smoking, large meals)

PMH (past medical history)
Search for: PAM HUGS FOSS

P Previous presence of the symptom (same chief complaint)
A Allergies (drugs, foods, chemicals, dust ...)
M Medicines (any drugs the patient used)

H Hospitalization for any illness in the past
U Urinary changes ( esp if diabetic, elderly...)
G Gastrointestinal complains (diet changes, bowel movements...)
S Sleep pattern (waking up/going to sleep...)

F Family history (simmilar chief complaints/serious illness)
O OB/GYN history (LMP, abortions, para...)
S Sexual habits (active/preferences/STD...)
S Social life (job/house/smoking/alcohol.....)

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Can anybody remind me?? who is the father of medicine??Who was Socrates...aside the greek philosopher who was ...?? My lecturers used his name as history taking...actually pain history taking mnemonic, seems similar to the one above. I need help completing it, Does anybody remember what the last S stands for?? smiling face
S site
O onset
C, dull,
R radiation
A alleviating factors
T timing
E exarcerbating factors
S... :?


Hi cherry smiling face
I never heard of that, but it could be S for Severity, you know on Scale of 1 to 10. I hope that is it.


I think it stands for setting...I knew a similar mnemonic that incorporated most of those points and "setting" was in the one I used


Hi here in UK we use this mnemonic all the time, and you are right, the last S stands for severity on a scale of 1-10

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Hey Crayon... share some more mnemonics with us. I think that it is the only place for phys diag and exam. I am interested to learn some.


Ok Wannabe, here goes. This is to help you remember the Treatment of Femoral Head fractures by Garden classification:
1 and 2, screw;
3 and 4, head to the floor

ie: Garden Type 1 or 2 (complete fracture, non-displaced) fractures can be treated with internal fixation using screws
Garden Type 3 (partially displaced) or 4 (total displacement of fracture fragments) fractures can be reduced (closed or open) and internally fixated, or treated with primary prosthetic replacement, that is, sticking the head to the floor!

all the best




Pain history checklist


Irritating and relieving factors
Symptoms associated


Differential diagnosis checklist




I preffer the old PQRST for Chief Complaint:

P revious

P rogression

P alliative

P rovocative

Q uality

R egion

S everity

S ymptoms

T iming

Is more applicable to pain, but can be used as a guide in general, skipping the ones that are not appropiate (eg. R in hematemesis or amenorrhea).

For Social History I use TIA SHOE:

T obacco

I llicit drigs

A lcohol

S exual

H ouse life

O ccupation

E ating (diet)


last 2 A = associated q for d/d like weight lifting, travel history
A= associated effect on sleep,diet & functioning


smiling facethey r all very useful..thanx folks


Does anyone have mnemonics for psychiatry Hx taking ? sad


i just started preparing for the usmle. everyone makes reference to terms like UV , FA, Digidoc etc . can someone tell me the meaning of these and how i can obtain them? thx


it means

FA-First Aid


Does anyone have a good mnemonic for the Pediatric history?


in addition to pamshugsfoss (of course you would modify it according to your patient)... i used BINDER - birth history, immunization history, nutrition, development, Eating, Rash... also it's good to ask where the child is during the day - (i.e. day care, school, grandmother's house, etc...)
good lucksmiling face


Does any one has a pnemonic for CIS protocal ?for any counselling ?asking about pts feelings, expectations and concerns and impacts of illness and showing patient comfort ???


premenopausal symptoms


H- hotflahes
A-atropy of vagina
V-vaginal dryness
O- osteoporosis
C- coronary artery diseases

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