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 Questions on how to prepare.  

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Hello. I'm an international medical student, current I'm a second year student of a course six years in total. I will have pathology, pharmacology, immunology next year, but I want to prepare for the USMLE step 1 now. I intend to take step 1 after three years.

My school didn't really give me anything useful in biochemistry or any other subjects, so I'm thinking of learning all those subjects from the start again. I'm also watching biochemistry Kaplan videos.

Since I have that much time (3 years) so I didn't really know what I should do. There's not really anyone I can ask for experience since this test is not even well-known in my country. And other threads seem to be all about people who have little time to prepare for it (4 weeks to 6 months.)

I have a vague idea of what I want to do, but no idea if those things are what I should do.

- Watch all of biochemistry Kaplan videos, read Marks' Basic Medical Biochemistry, read Rapid Review Biochemistry and read the biochemistry section in FA.
- Watch all of anatomy Kaplan videos, Acland anatomy, read HY Gross Anatomy and Neuroanatomy.
- Read Clinical Microbiology made ridiculously easy, and then watch SketchyMicro, .
- Watch Pathoma in this summer and again when I have Pathology next year, and one more time when I'm about to take the exam; listen to Goljan audio lectures; read Robbins Basic Pathology.
- Watch all of pharmacology Kaplan videos, read Katzung.
- Read Epidemioly by Leon Gordis.
- Read Guyton again?
- Read FA at least three times, maybe FA General Principles and Organ Systems?
- Kaplan Qbank 1 time, USMLERx 2 times and UWorld 2-3 times? NBME form 17 and the most recent then.

I've no idea how to learn Behavioral ans Social Science.
Is all that I listed enough or too much? Please give me your opinions, it would be very much appreciate. Thank you.


Yes. If anyone really knows, please give us an answer to the question! Thanks in advance! smiling face

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