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 Let's Begin........  

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Hello mle world and mle Folks around.

Not new but not too experienced in prep as well.

An IMG from India, Dedicated to crack step 1 asap.

Haven't chalked out my study plan or should call it a" SOLID" study plan yet.
But materials i am going to use are as follow(chronological order)

1.KLNs Tapes
2. Pathoma (Goljan sparsely )
3. BRS physiology
4. FA(with DIT or Express tapes)
6. Usmlerx(probably online)
7. UW(online + offline,both)
8. Kaplan 100 cases in ethics

I think that's pretty much it,Rest will incorporate resources as and/or if needed.

I am all open to good piece of advises if anyone, around, have for me.

Once i successfully layout my prep chart i will update here,Till then Lets keep going with all positivity inside and out........... smiling face


Okay I am done with my study plan,Although have not assigned timeline to that ,Which i will figure out later depending on speed and need for me to actually understand the content.

Well, I am starting off with ANATOMY first, including HISTOLOGY, EMBRYOLOGY and Neuroanatomy.

Lets begin with histology.


Started Gross anatomy 5th edition book.
currently at chapter 1, taking little more time to understand the exact anatomy of vertebra since these are 1st or 2nd year subjects of medical school,seems long time never looked back at these,so.......I guess its some sort of self defence mechanism lol maybe rationalisation???raised eyebrow

anyway lets continue........


HI there! good luck with ur plan i pretty much have the same i have started with physiology yesterday. Going thru the kaplan videos and BRD along side. done wid chap 1 hope for the bestsmiling face


Thank you @ limbiccortex for stopping by, it's always motivating, seeing someone in the same league grin
hope you achieving your mini everyday's goals.


i am on the track 'crossing fingers', had chances to slip but thank God i didn't.

Doing autonomic nervous system..3/4th done.

Well, only thing i noticed is that i am going too slow,i think i will take around couple of weeks to finish anatomy if continue this way, which is of my high concern at this point but then i had self pep talk that 'Beginning is always rough 'n' tough' what matters right now is that 'You keep going' AND No looking back! nod


hello diary.

Process has slowed down a little bit more because i have ielts exam coming up in a couple of weeks .Pressure is so much to get high bands being a doctor raised eyebrow
I never knew simple language test could be that challenging and real uptight.

Anyway In anatomy progress , i am at thorax chapter, now.


hi! how did your ielts go? I had a break too still on physio. endo git n neuro left of physio rest pretty much done. I am taking way too long long too cx i dont know where to study from. I started brs physio with kaplan 2014 classroom videos but just get out of track with these videos. Had to do Dr. najeeb videos for respiratory.
what about you?smiling face


After a lil long hiatus, back in GAME.

Took ielts but score not as expected, needed 8 bands rolling eyes

But no worries for that.

Starting where left i.e "Thorax"Anatomy.

Month gone, and no study at all. Was stuck in family matters(Good cause ,though).

@Limbiccortex: Thanks buddy for checking in on me smiling face . Hows your study? Dr nazeeb is good and worth watching but takes too much time. But do whatever suits your style and pace.

Lets Continue.........


Started Abdomen section. Finished abdomen wall ,doing inguinal stuff. Things making sense now, never knew that this could be that easy! Although not sure, if i will remember whole that stuff longer .So need revisions,Definitively.

BTW ,What resource is good for gross anatomy as i don't see any clinical implimentation ins kaplan?Kaplan is good but feel like better option should be there. (if anyone around can help????)
Oh boy!I was recommended this place by one close friend who used to have diary here,also told me that this is the most exciting place to study for usmle but so far it's like a dead place shocked
anyway, I am gonna continue here, whatsoever grin as i am loving it !

Okay enough! Back to work cool


Did 1 block of NBME 2 offline ,just to gauge my level at the beginning.It was 39/50(11 wrong and many right ones with just a guess ) Very basic questions.

Back to study cubicle.

Need to focus, so many distractions today,Help me God!


Hey hi.....good persistent no matter what
Initially things go slowly but u will get going fast when u start finishing subjects one by one.....
Slow and steady wins the race
Me doing patho right now, then will do Physio and pharmac
Good luck with your study

Happy studying
Stay focused


Back in again.....
Had internet problem, as usual in my country ,bit frustrating but used to it now raised eyebrow

Reporting :
1.Finished Abdomen,pelvis.

2.NBME 2 (offline):142/200 shaking head

3.UW(offline) Anatomy(GIT)- 15 questions : used as learning mode , so didnt check my level.
4. Started Immunology along with anatomy to break monotony grin;finished 3 chapters

On Plate for tonight: FA ; atleast 10 pages.

Stay focused !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


@here4usmle: Thank you for stopping by smiling face
Yes you're right ,fingers crossed.
lets keep going buddy !

Edited by coolViolin on Oct 04, 2016 - 10:13 AM

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