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 Epidemiology & Biostatistics  

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hey everyone, if you're interested in learning some biostatistics.... come check out our EpiStats app for some free questions. the qbank poses each question in a variety of different ways with the help of randomly generated numerical values - that way you won't see the exact same question twice.

the app is still a work in progress, but we will continue to improve the interface and add new features along the way. we would love to hear your thoughts and would appreciate any recommendations that you have. our goal is to make biostats somewhat easier to learn with the aid of video lectures, flashcards, and so much more.

good luck with your studies! and we hope to make this difficult subject at least a little bit easier to learn.

youtube lectures....

android app (with free qbank)....

i should add that in addition to being completely free... there aren't any annoying adds. i personally cant stand adds... and the youtube channel is also devoid of them.


The app and the youtube lectures are based on notes that I put together during medical school. After graduation I was asked if I wanted to make an app based on the notes and it just seemed like a great opportunity to share the information.

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