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Got my Kaplan lecture notes today from Amazon.....feeling excited to start my studies ...... First thing I am gonna do is to make a study time table and make sure I stick to it in any case......starting with biochem.....want to finish as many pages as I can in a day..... Plus reading FA side by side.


Starting my studies today.....was unable to do so in the past few days due to some reasons......
Plan for today : to read 10 pages of FA and 30 pages of Kaplan biochem
Start small but be persistent
Being an old IMG reading biochem again will take some time
Want to finish it first coz I find it the most difficult and boring of all subjects
Hope I can finish my target today
Want to keep myself focussed
Will keep updating about my progress , not for anything else but to build a positive pressure on myself for studying
Happy studying all of u


Finished biochem from FA today
Reading 30 pages Kaplan daily
Will start reading goljan 1 hour in the morning and 1 hour
in the evening daily
Feeling good
Happy studying all of u


hey there
old IMG here smiling face
you are going through notes only or doing videos as well ?
i have done with kaplan biochem videos dr turco is amazing..
i need loads of motivation ,i dont know what happened to my tempo after completing biochem .. hopefully i may collect my focus again.
also hoping we can motivate each other smiling face
good luck!


Hey lily nice to get in touch with you.....I just finished biochem from Kaplan and FA
Where should I get the videos from, also looking for goljan videos
Can u please tell
When r u planning to give the exam
Happy that I finished biochem
Now starting with patho n micro


Don't worry lily u will get your focus back
Go slow but be persistent
As they say slow and steady wins the race
hope we can keep motivating each other here
Happy studying


hello there

thank you so much for your input, mush appreciated.
yes i am working through slow and steady pace.. couldnt complete the target but doing tiny bit everyday.
below i am sharing the kaplan lecture videos hoping this will be helpful


Thank you so much Lily
This is of great help
I really appreciate it
Thanks once again
We will keep motivating each other
I am sure we will make it

I finished cell injury from goljan yesterday
and basic bacteriology from FA
Plan to finish inflammation and repair from goljan today plus clinical bacteriology
from FA today
Need to increase my speed of reading
Hope I can finish today's target

Happy Studying


Hi, good to see mature IMG [ old is too old so lets say mature wink ] studying steadily and using right materials Kap indeed with FA famous one.

1st read always slwo but exciting to learn new then 2nd read will be easy .

Keep going and do not forget to add Kap the UW Q soon to keep the study sticknod

I am going to restart my Kap physionod while doing UW with FA .

See you all around nod

GL GL GL happy study to menod, usnod, all nod


Hey shwe thanks for those encouraging words
Back again after a long time
Studying but not regularly
But will make an effort to start studying regularly henceforth
Reading Goljan at present
And thoroughly enjoying it
It's a very good book
Simultaneously doing Uworld

Good luck all
Happy studying


Finished reading lymphoid disorders and
Hemostasis disorders from goljan
Now doing Uworld haematology from pathology

Good luck all
Happy studying


Hello there,
Good to see you are back in form too ..Lets stay motivated and on the right track.
Took exam date?


Hey cool violin .....thanks. Yeah we need to keep ourselves motivated and on track
Not taken exam date yet
Will take soon
Finished Uworld haematology and immunohematology
from goljan
Now started with Respiratory system in goljan
Planning to do skin disorders from Uworld patho as well
Wanna finish it asap


Hey, like that how you managing subjetcs, Really motivating buddy smiling face Keep it up!


Hey thanks cool violin
Finished respiratory system from goljan
Now starting with GIT from goljan
Will do Uworld patho simultaneously

Happy studying


Finished GIT, hepatobiliary and pancreatic
disorders from goljan
Now starting with Renal system
Going slow but enjoying it

Happy studying


wish you best


Wow, doing Goljan.
Good going.nod

Just so busy ... study ... as mainly doing Q kap and FA etc and other things so not able to post though coming to forum now and then .

I am also planning to do Goljan hopefully coud do so [ did in past a while ago very well ], but need to finish kap Q 1st for now.

See you around and will try post again in my Journalwink

I also doing Patho Q, did Physio soon PathoPhysio then Pharm.

Have a great December and studying nod

GL to menod, usnod, allnod

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