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 8 weeks till exam  

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Hi need big help out here!!!

i just did UWSA and got a predicted score of 209 {460}
also Kaplan diagnostic 62%

my goal is to score 250+ . and I was hoping to take step 1 by mid to end April but I m not sure how I can raise about 40+ points in 8 weeks. any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

my weak areas are: biostats, histo, immuno, and genetics

Also, I've recently finished DIT and Kaplan Qbank which were both great resources.


ok so it seems like many of you have been just reading my post 'silently' sucks i didnt get any responses back but hey I just wanted to share this for all the 'silent readers' my most recent self assessment

NBME 13 score 470=222 { I was trying to post a picture of the score sheet but its giving me some weird error and won't let me post the jpg file }

so basically I studied hardcore for about 20 days using only Pathoma + UW + Anki

I did about 3 blocks/day under all random 'timed tutored' mode. its hard work though ! it takes me about 2 hours 30 minutes to go over a block of 44 questions because i m reading all of the explaination given. I first try to solve the problem on my own as to why the other options given aren't correct and in what scenario would they be correct. it helps me to connect dots but at first it was very hard! i've come to a conclusion that it is the best way to do UW questions though. otherwise things become redundant and you start to lose hope real quick . anyway, I improved dramatically on my weaknesses and i think i m going to stick to this method. Initially i was planning to do the step 1 by April but I think i m going to push it to May now so I can get my goal score of 250+ and its totally do-able. just need to practice practice practice!!!

Now going to work on Reproductive system {i hate it} but its quite heavy on the nbmes and UWSA from what i 've seen so far. the rest is under control!

would any of my silent readers have any suggestion how to improve on histo/cell bio?? please feel free to post below I would much appreciate it.

I'll be taking another nbme self assessment early April, I will post my scores then. I m hoping to score above 500.

p.s: there is a new nbme out on the website. NBME 18...has anyone done it yet? if so, what did u think of it? was it hard? please do share

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here it is NBME 13 results


From your NBME score sheet if your target is above 250 then you will have to work at pushing all the borderline performances into higher performances. Reproductive system ain't as skewed as you make it seem. Learn to like it thats the only way to get a hold of it.


hey Thanks dochenaj for the feedback. going to work on all the borderline subjects for the next few weeks and hopefully i'll improve. as for Repro, all the tumors look the same to me and sometimes the clinical findings overlap but you're right I've to find a way to like it and learn it for good. when are you planning to sit for step 1? how is your prep coming along?

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