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 alFateh vs USMLE Step 1  

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Hi everyone. I am 27-year old IMG.

I went through a lot of problems during basic sciences, and as such my 2 years turned into 4 years due to constantly repeating classes. This exam is my only way to redeem myself so that all my struggles in life will have been worth it.

I want to be a benefit to people through my career as a physician. I have this ridiculously lofty vision of becoming a Johns Hopkins neurosurgery resident. Barring the logistics of the matter, I am not even sure if I really want it, but the thought of it quite viscerally excites me and motivates me, so I am sticking to it.

My studying period was officially from November to April, but my lack of drive and work ethic has resulted in my not getting much done. So I am starting fresh today.

I want to go through all of Costanzo's Physiology text before March, as well as do questions. I also plan on squeezing in Cell Biology (via BRS and class notes) and Biochemistry (via Lippincott and class notes) in the next 3 weeks as well.

I have USMLE Rx and will be doing that as a support for each topic I pass. I want to do a full block a day as well, but I tried that before and saw that I just did not know enough.

My plan is to take an NBME in April, if not before. I am pretty sure my school will let me extend my study time a couple months, so it should be fine.

I plan on really going at Path and Microbiology in March and hit Pharmacology in April.

I want to be done with the Step by the 4th of July.

I will update my plans and fill in the details later. Right now I should get started.

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