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 Doing it right  

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This for all the underdogs, lostdogs and the topdogs that made it to the top!

journal to stay on track for myself and push each other for the greater good. Perhaps this is for the topdogs who would want to guide us toward the dream goal they may have fell just a little shy of or maybe they made it and want us to join them at the top!

feeling ridiculously ambitious!

Goal score: 270+

LETS GET IT!! smiling face

what I've done so far : read F.A once( and many times over select sections) until 'Rapid Review' part.

Done 54 blocks of Uworld thus far, scoring about avg of 43 %.

Exam date: to be determined but looking to give it by May-June.

TO do for the day :

3 blocks of Uworld ( -1, cuz I already did one, I must review it though)
5 chapter of Becker Pharm
400 Qs of FC

TO do for the week: Finish Rapid Review of FA and Focus on the low scoring subjects: Pharm and Physiology.

Edited by praevalebunty5 on Feb 11, 2016 - 1:05 PM


Didn't get to Firecracker's daily questions, which is a bummer.

What I did do today:
-2 blocks of uworld and 2 blocks of Becker Q banks( Qbank's time is about expire in 3 days) results weren't at all good.BUT it did motivate me to do better and stay focused and restructure the study plan.
-2 chapters of Becker, behind 3.

daily exercise of gram + and -ve bact flow diagram, adrenergic receptors and their function.

Overall it was a lot to digest. Need to reconstruct study plan.

Tomorrow's plan: wake up by 6:45 a.m: do a uworld mix block, daily exercise + adrengic drugs! Read Deja Review's antimicrobials and 10 pgs of f.a before morning rituals (yoga, yes I yoga it's my 22nd day of 'Yoga Fix 90', shower, pray and meditate - 2hrs overall)
- Becker 5 Ch of Pharm. and review FA complimenting chp of Becker's pharm (what ever I've covered up until now.)
-Uworld 2 blocks (Tutor mode?)
- Firecracker! ( hopefully)


Breath y'all! hang tight! one day at time.
Remember: to build a perfect wall focus on laying that one brick as perfectly as possible, soon that perfect wall you once envisioned, is built!-
used to be a Will Smith fan lol grin

Edited by praevalebunty5 on Feb 11, 2016 - 1:10 PM


Phew! no where was I close to the set out plan, ended up only doing :
mixed uworld block
4 chapters from Becker
daily exercise

lost some time because went to go see friends I haven't seen in 5 years during night time when I hoped to finish up the leftover work also woke up few hours late yest morning.
Need to break the cycle of sleeping late and waking up late! sleep avging about 7-8 hours.

time now is 10:18 a.m woke up not too long ago, did couple pgs of Becker's pharm, trying to make goodnotes on the antibacterial drugs cuz I usually mess them up.

about to yoga,shower, pray and hit the books after:
game plan: finish Becker's antimicrobials * fingers crossed*
daily exercise
2 uworld blocks

gonna be a tight squeeze, let's see how this goes.

GOAL still the same. NEED TO STEP UP BIG TIME!

allow me to rephrase the words that were spoken to Arjuna by Lord Krishna: ' Get up! fight!". 'Duty is the vehicle to liberation'. Do it right!

Have a blessed day y'all ! smiling face

Off to day 23 of yoga I go!


wasted plenty of time today doing randomness. What I've done:
3 chapters of Antibacterials.

Yikes. I need help.

Going to do a mix block of Uworld and the daily exercise before I hit the bed. Busy day tom, volunteering at the temple and a thing with friends, must manage time wisely tom. Thought I'd wake up to get work done but seems like it's going to be a longer than anticipated night but let's see how it goes.

Pretty upset about today's colossal waste of time. disapproval

Going to post tom. after I get studying done to change things up.

Hanging onto the goal still! crazy? I know.Hope and faith keeping me going.

Goodnight y'all!

Peace and love smiling face


was mostly out and about yesterday, spent some time with family, went to the the temple spend most of my day there, at night atteneded a Dinner and a club after, came home very late, meditated and went to bed around 3:10 a.m.
Woke up, morning rituals took about couple hours. Side tracked by talking to the family and took a trip down the memory lane. Finally did 40 Firecracker questions today and that was all for studying. Not sure if I'm burning out. It's mostly mental battle. MUST INVEST TIME AND ENERGY VERY VERY CAUTIOUSLY! Going to do the daily exercise before I get some shut up for this body is very tired, also I don't do coffee. Good thing about the weekend: I was aspired by just being surrounded by various people and just making observations as to what makes a successful one stand out compared to others. Conclusion: Hard work, persistence, self confidence and dedication, and most importantly SACRIFICE! + saying NO, don't try to be the nice guy!
Monday begins in about 9 mins.
Got work to do!

Good night.

Happy Valentines day!

I Love YOU! don't blush though smiling face T'care of yourself and be gentle grin


Like your ......

Conclusion: Hard work, persistence, self confidence and dedication, and most importantly SACRIFICE! + saying NO, don't try to be the nice guy!

I am being a nice guy... so have to break that cycle grinnod
Being nice sometimes effect your study plan and time indeed.

Thnx for reminding ... have to be back on right track by learn to say ... NO nod

Keep it up ... me too and, exercise and keep studying to our goal nod

GL to me nod, us nod, all nod


better than yesterday, what I did today: Block of Uworld- scored 48% on mixed block made silly errors, chapter and some of HY Neuro, Daily exercise( gram +,-, adrenergic receptors' function and mech along with listing agonist and antags cuz I tend to forget them). Read few pags of Robbins, Listened to Goljan audio lecture approx 30 mins. Could have beeen MUCH MUCH MORE Productive.
Note to self: focus on One task at a time and break your day into dedicated chunks for various tasks.

To do tom: wake up in about 6-7 hrs.
do a block of mixed Uworld block, Firecracker questions, Morning ritual from 7:30-9.
Breakfast + Firecracker Qs till 10 a.m.
-make Uworld notes
- Read Robbins
- DejaReview for Pharm, finish antimicrobials.
- HY Neuro till ch.8!
Make more Uworld Notes!

LET's Get it!!

PERSISTENCE! ' Daily concrete improvements will lead to long term results! '


Thanks 'shwe'! Good luck to you!, us, all indeed!

I hope you have a productive day! week! and life! |

smiling face


Thnx, good going .

I am trig my best to get most so far not quite there yet, though FA and Q are on going ... plan for KLN review not on the track so far. Have plan for HY neuro and goljan later too.
Keep it up and have a good study day and wk end nod

GL to menod, usnod , all nod


It's been a long time coming. Goal for today: 5 chapters of Neuroanatomy. 1 pharm topic. Watch Kaplan Neurovideos. Uworld Neuroblock +/- study session with Partner. A lot of time has slipped by, NO more Slacking.


woke up @ 3.30, did a pathoma vid. but to put in clothes for wash. next up block of Uworld Random, mixed.

laundry done.

mixed block did Q's w/reading the explanaton. on Q # 21..about to hit the gym. will resume studies..time now : 9:18 a.m

Edited by praevalebunty5 on Sep 23, 2016 - 5:18 AM


nod clothes in laundry, starting Uworld


finished the block with plenty of interruptions, wen to clinic from 3:15-6:20p.m, Uworld 27 q's explanations read. MUST DO BETTER TOM. WILL DO. DO NOT TALK TO ANYONE UNTIL your work is done. Good night. Hang on to your dreams and goal.Do it for HIM.


Block of uworld answering. Done. Break for several mins and next up pathoma,do yesterday's left out chap, and review Uworld block after.


Block of uworld answering. Done. Break for several mins and next up pathoma,do yesterday's left out chap, and review Uworld block after.

not used to the morning routine yet, finished couple of pathoma vids. Must do the chapter by 12, and review Uworld asap. About to do the leg day workout, falling asleep atm. should resume studies by 10 a.m


Hey ,Good to see someone is alive here.grin
Good going! nod

At what stage of prep you are?

keep it up!

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