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 Please help..I Need Career advice  

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I am a female IMG in my late 30s. I graduated 7 years ago. A few years after graduating I came to US as I have some family here. I then started studying for USMLE. I took USMLE Step 2 CS and failed it. Then I got depressed and took some time off. Then I came back with all the energy and sat and studied a whole year for USMLE step 1. I failed Step 1 also. Then I got depressed again and spent half the year this year looking for jobs. I was unable to find any jobs due to my foriegn degree and my long gap. I finally upgraded my drivers license and I drive a cab now. It helps to pay my bills but they are very rude to me there. They basically treat me like a servant. I do earn enough to pay my bills however. I have tolerate their insulting rude comments daily though. Also the passengers are also very rude and harsh. Some of them yell at me just because they may be running late to wherever I am driving them too. I go home feeling emotionally abused everyday. I am still sending out resumes to hospitals for any kind of hospital job that I can get. I just feel so down in my life that I cannot even express. On top of that I am unmarried. I am a single woman and who in the world will marry me now!! because I am a taxi driver!...I have a distant uncle who is program director . I talked to him. He advised me to take admission in a DO school. The problem is that for that I will have to take loan for tuition....$55-65K per year . I will become in huge debt to add to my stresses in life. Can someone please advise me what I should do with my career and how can I improve my situation? Right now I see only darkness everywhere. I don't even feel like studying any more in life. It is so depressing. I feel this degree took away everything from my life. If I go to DO school I will have to study more with daily exams...It will be going to medical school all over again ...So much stress....and what if I fail exams there also? Then I will have another mountain in front of me. What should I do? Should I continue my taxi job and study for usmle? Is there any hope for me getting residency with my attempts and long year of graduation? If I do manage to get a full time job at the hospital even as a clerk or anything , I will have to go to work 9-5 M-F. How will I be able to study for USMLE in that case? Plus my family members have no respect for me now because right now I am a taxi driver. So, they want me to take up any hospital job so that at least it will be respectable. Someone please help. I really need some direction as to what I should do with my career. Thank you very much.


Check your Inbox. I pm you.


I quit the taxi job today. I am now jobless and studying. I dunno if I will be able to make it. If anyone has any further advice for me please write here ....please....Is there any light in this dark hole that I am in?

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