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Hello All,

An IMG, studying for step 1,was busy in my internship and post internship dilemmas,some other unnecessary stuff(, regret doing that) .Well,Now back to my MAIN goal/task...STEP 1

Doing Goljan Tapes (I know, that's kindof obsolete, but i found it very interesting )

Finished chapter 1, enjoyed but don't remember much, want to get into prep mode asap then,guess will start retaining lil more.... right now im not able to concentrate much(looking for a valid reason though)

I think some sort of Fear is there, but i want to overcome that by studying regularly, by giving my best and stay POSITIVE everyday.

Hopefully i get good company of friends here who will help me stay on the track,positive and motivated as well smiling face

Happy studying.


It's very tough to get back to the books after such a long time , i feel like throwing books away and do absolutely NOTHING :yikes:

But Dreams, my heart aches for, don't require such attitude at all, and i don't want such side of me to be more prominent either ( maybe effect of carefree time i spent whole 1 and half year since my internship ) :guiltyAsCharged:

well,I am actually a discussion-type person, who enjoys more when discuss study stuff but after a month of search for a study buddy,realised, its hard to find one who matches your calibre,time zone and most important same level of prep at the moment,so i think, i have to pour out myself here and make my journal my best study buddy ever,and im all ready to put as much efforts i can put in @crossing fingers@.

Here is one question for ppl like me around if wanna try.

Q time : 1

Coagulation necrosis seen in :
1. lobar pneumonia in alcoholics
2. hepatic abcess in Amebiasis
3. pseudomembranous colitis in a pt on ampicillin
4. diminished brain mass in Alzheimers
5. embolus to SMA leading to bowel infaction

Self Reminder:

“A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work.”


Hey , hope u study well without fear and enjoying ur golj tape .
He said a lot so hard to grasp at 1st round.

Lets motivate and be positive in this st 1 journey here.

I am doing my kap LN review with kap q bank to start .
Supposed to be started last wk but had bad cold so will start today slowly then in 1 wk in full action.

Am a listener so any time u like to discuss the topics we can meet on Skype for few hr now and then .

Wish u study well , me too.

GL to me, us, all nod

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