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 match possibility after hiatus?  

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so i finished two years of basic science before 2008 at a caribbean school, failed step 1. now i am thinking about taking it again.

i checked online, i think that i can still take it. i talked to one caribbean school about transferring, the person told me that it has been too long, lots of things have changed, it is better for me to start from day one. then i thought about what he said, no matter how long it was, i will start doing clinical rotations, then i will learn all the new things in the hospitals anyway.

i don't know if he just wants to make more money that way, or if he is telling me the truth.

my main concern is, is it possible for me to get matched at all?


It's probably a little of honesty and money - you have been out of med school since 2008 - that 7 years ago. While not everything will have changed, there are a lot of changes. Have you been studying, have you been keeping up with the changes in medicine? Have you you been active in research, etc. These are questions for you to reflect on.

And it's probably a way for the medical school to make some $$$.

The bigger question is going to be asked if you continue or restart in med school - why did you stop? Will you fit with the other residents in the program - you will be 8-10 years older than others. Many program are going to pass your application by, especially if you don't explain the "why of what you have done." Can you handle Q4 call? Is it going to be worth getting into debt for this again? You have some serious questions to ask yourself and good luck with final decision.

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