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 A Mom/IMG/2010 graduate/step 1  

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Good Morning
I completed 50 pages of HYNeuroanat.. 50 more to go!!
Target: completion by the 31st..
Good Luck

I am really struggling with time management. I need some changes and am determined to make that happen. Will take me some time but I will do so. Till then will keep up wid watever time i have...

Good Luck..


Congrat HY neuro done on target.

Yes do as much as time we can getnod
No stopping even no help , try the bestnod

GL to menod, usnod, all nod


Hey Shwe thanks..
I have strayed far from my target. But it's all good. smiling face

Good Night?! (10:30 pm here)
I am done with Anatomy finally.. smiling face
Haven't wanted to come online much. But I haven't stopped studying. Am thinking of what to start next.. May be will start Physiology.. Now that is something I love.. nod
I'm taking a day off tomorrow. Will be thinking of tough topics on anatomy when i am on a break from all the rest ... LOL ...

Home Status : M getting used to making more time with everything happening all around me. First hand realization - Our brain adapts to whatever environment you put it in. Just be patient, and repetition, repetition and more repetition is the key.

Good Luck...


While I didnt have to write this but I want to... because some might be reading these posts by me.. And while I hope I might have motivated a few to keep going on same as I was by writing this. AND in case you are wondering whatever happened to my prep n where I was at, I just felt this need to put an explanation..

I have come to this phase in life, where I am not sharing the details of course, but I can't go on with my prep for about 6 months. So I havent been able to update any prep target reaching excitement ... which by the way I would have never stopped if I absolutely didn't have to. But I am still on this journey, still really pumped, undying fire and I will be right back .

No matter what never give up, and never look back... Good Luck...smiling face


Thnx for the update sis.

Life is fun ... lets put it that way , never get boring sticking out tongue
Joking aside ... wishing you can win, resolved what ever life u are in and back to study soon.
Anyhow take ur time, strength and ... key is u, ur family, ur health and happiness in place then study will follow ... off course good support and healthy in all terms ... physically , mentally, emotionally etc and financially for whole family .

We all have bump big or small but just have to be strong to overcome it in best way as we could .

For this summer almost gone, whole city have bad bad cold so our family not excuse too. No worry took all med, remedies, rest and back to normal ... just have to be more careful ... not to get sick again ............ prevention is better than treatment nod

Will not be regular in forum so need any just pm me. smiling face
Been busy summer hosting friends on top of study and last one is busy being sickgrin

All the best .
Be strong !

GL to menod, usnod , all nod

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