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 A Mom/IMG/2010 graduate/step 1  

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Hello to all if u r reading this... But basically this one is for boosting myself as I go on with my prep. So I am starting my step 1 preparation against all the tough day to day struggles.
I am married and have a nuclear family with a baby boy of 18 months. So, ya I am the sole caretaker for the family. My husband is a doctor too and is in a pretty amazing place of his career. And it would be easier if I were to pursue residency here in my home country as well. But here is the thing, I just really want to give USMLE. So after a lot of pondering I finally am pushing myself to do this.
I am starting my prep from today (July 5th, 2015) .
My plan : Kaplan VL/LN;HY neuro/pathoma/uworld/kaplan q banks/ nbme test/ FA
Time frame : the key i think is to know your waters and your pace, so i will start my prep and see where i stand.. plus the family and mom thing will definitely increase my required time... so not defining it just yet..
Principle: Make a realistic everyday target and don't ever let go the little time u get, go to waste..
Starting from Anatomy... target three weeks

If anyone is reading this and thinks I need to add something in my prep list.. please feel free to write me...


I had done the past week - the Kaplan videos and LN on embryology till week 4 n the rest am doing system wise as I go through that system anatomy. I finished the thorax yesterday.
So today am going to start the ABdomen and pelvis. LN first then the Video n will add on LN nething i need to from the video..
Good Luck !!

Home status : need to find a nanny.. on lookout already.. hopefully will find one soon. till then time management is a bit more tough.. smiling face optimistic though ...


Good Morning...
Seems the more realistic goal i set, optimism runs stronger as i reach my target. I used that app that records the study time u are devoting.. play and pause thing..

There was no way I could finish abd/pelvis/perineum in a day with all the house chores and baby stuff; that in mind I set my target for the abdomen. At the end of the day it was 3 hrs and 45 mins I utilised it seems (the app said so). The video itself was of 2 n half hrs.. Anyway the Abdomen is done. smiling face And I slept knowing i reached my target... feels good.. grin Of course I am going to push myself harder everyday.

Knowing someone might be reading this, actually even inspired me to reach the daily target- so ya if u r reading this, n are in the similar soup as me, Let us start, n We will do this.

Todays Target : the same section.. hopefully can complete today.. Good Luck !!

Home status: 45 minutes... that's all that he sleeps for in the entire daytime.nod..
Still on the lookout for a nanny. My husband is amazing through this. He was with the baby the whole time when he was home yesterday.


Good Morning...

I used to sing and dance while doing any kind of house chores before.. nodLOL I know!!grin
But now I have started to slowly change that time to processs what I learned earlier. I mean understanding the concept is great, but we also need to be able to have a clear enough picture of it, to make sb else understand it without having to look at the text. M practicing on that.

So i did complete my target for yesterday.
Yeah me!! ... I am starting the Upper Limb today.

Good Luck.

Home status: Monsoon!! My baby has caught cold. So time management even more tougher.. But will do what i can of the little time I get.. wink


Good Morning...
Yesterday was one of those days that I couldn't sit down for study. Had a lot of errands to run, and was just so physically drained went to sleep early.

On the plus side: I woke up feeling really fresh.

Target :I will get my target- upper limb completed plus lower limbs started today. smiling face
I will have more to write tomorrow..

Thank you if u guys are reading this.. Keeps me inspired. nod

Good Luck!!

Home Status: Baby is better... Hopefully will have more time today..

Edited by alanaa on Jul 07, 2015 - 5:21 PM


I am reading this.

I commend the dedication that your are committing to thus far.

If you study daily, and put your best efforts forwards daily even if its 4-5 hrs in a day. I would like to hope that you will do really well on this exam.

Wish you much success. All the best.


Good to hera baby getting better, as mom we'll finish it well to reach residency.

I will review anatomy in next month , now doing physio .

Journal is our check list and to support each other especially for mom like us.

Keep studying we 'll be there.

Dance, sign still do that now and then for redreation and refresh our mind nodsticking out tongue, review , house stuffsgrinwink

See you around on off since I could not update daily.

GL to menod, usnod, allnod


Thank you Indomethacin... I am starting out with as little time I get.. But I am planning to manage at least up to 6-7 hrs in coming days.. And by the way congratulations on your fruitful journey. Great score!!

Thank you shwe ...
M glad you guys are reading this.. makes me want to get things done smiling face ...
Best of Luck to you as well ... to all of us as you said ...

smiling face smiling face


Good Morning

LN almost had me question - Like really is just this much of upper limb anatomy enough?!

I finished the upper limb and have started the lower limbs.. UL really took me a lot of time. In all fairness it was a weak topic for me so is the lower limb. lol grin ... Anyways so I referred to another book as well. Annotated the LN for now. Will further have to annotate FA when i come to that.

Todays target : Complete Lower Limb and start head and neck.

Good Luck!!

Home Status: While I woke up with this really bad headache, Baby hasn't slept sound tonight. expecting him to be fussy.... nod


Good Morning

15 minutes nap works wonders for me to make it an entire day. So any day, like yesterday I am a little sleep deprived I do work up a 15 mins nap time somewhere around after 3 pm.
This really gives me at least one hour post my regular bed time.

Yesterdays target :So I completed the Lower Limbs, and have started the Head and Neck.

Target for today : Will start from the embryology of head and neck and complete the chapter.

Good Luck!!

Home Status : All calm today. One step closer to find a nanny.


Good Morning...

So I finished the Head and Neck. Target completed for yesterday !! ..grin

M thinking of making Saturdays my catch up and revision time. I might start a new topic as well if i get done with the revision soon and have time to do so.

I am basically going to relax and make my husband listen to whatever I studied this week. This will be great because he gives me more insight into the topics. And he asks me cross questions. nodsmiling face

Target for today: revision, relax and if time permits CNS

Good Luck!!

Home Status: I called an agency for baby care taker. And they might get back to me by Monday. So hopefully I will have a nanny by this coming week end- 'fingers crossed" ...wink


Good Morning!!
I just wanted to say to all the usmle moms who have done this and those who are trying, you guys are amazing... and the ones who have more than one kid, I don't know how you guys manage. I have my handsful with one kid as it is. You guys are heroes... coolcool

So yesterday was fun. I revised and thought of starting Neuroscience. Man, I found the lecture video soo sleepy which is a first for me.shocked Anyways had a bunch of house chores; 11 pm went to bed too tired.... LOL

So ya that was yesterday..
Todays target: PNS,CNS

Good Luck!!

Home status: nothing new..


Good evening!!

Had to write late today. Was quite busy all day.

Completed yesterdays target though smiling face

Had an old frens wedding so did nothing yet today. Anyways I may not be able to write for a week.. But my studies will be continuing no matter what. Even today I will do at least a chapter.

Hopefully can finish Neuroscience this week so can start FA.

Will try my best to update this journal until next week.

Good Luck

Home Status: waiting for the agency to call. They haven't yetconfused!!


Hi good to see u r keep studying and have fun at wedding .

u need refresh like old friends wedding or gathering.

18 mo if no nanny , do not sweat, can train him side by side study for him his own books and toys or if he want to run around is ur exercise time with follow him while listening to own audio read or kap video or goljan audio.

GL to menod, usnod, all



Good Morning!!

Thanks Shwe, I am trying my best.. smiling face

So m done with the Neuroscience. but I also wish to do the HY Neuroanatomy. So still some time before starting FA.

Starting HYneuro today.

Good Luck!!

Home Status : Same old


Keep it up girl.. Within a few weeks and writing notes you will notice things would connect and make more sense. I'm preparing to take the exam since the first week of June 2015. My big mistake was to read only fist aid basic science books without taking notes... It was a good review but it was a mistake now after modifying my study skills while reading and taking uWorld exams I'm also taking notes into my FA book along with my first aid basic science books and Goljan. Of course sometimes accidents happen two days ago it was once of those days while reading at the dinning table people at get apartment above me had a water pipe issue and suddenly lots of water fell on top of my first aid book and laptop.. :-(. No one to blame it was just an accident... Now all my hard work vanished the book not useful so I must buy a new one and begin again.... At uWorld my scores so far taking only 44 questions timed daily ranges from 50 to 85%. If I continue doing good then I'll be taking my first Nbme within two weeks after buying my new FA book midtime I'll be reading first aid basic science and more uWorld testing....

Let's try to keep it up....


Hey Lillithys,
Sorry about your First Aid and so much work and time u put on writing on it.. I guess accidents happen when u least expect it. But on the bright side, u will only benefit doing it again.. Of course time is consumed but nothing is sweeter when u can score as per ure expectations on the day.... smiling face So keep ure spirits high.. GooD Luck.. Also ure uworld scores look good too for starters. Keep moving forward.. nod


Good night i guess... lol it's 10 pm here..

Feels like a long time i wrote Anything smiling face

So this whole week has been really busy. It is going to continue till coming Saturday, it seems. So not many page-turning going on. But am still moving forward, even if a chapter a day. Making time before going to bed. nod

I am finding HY Neuroanatomy very useful. Kaplan does have all that is needed it seems, but I really wanted to do HYN.

Will update more coming days..

Good Luck

Home Status: too tired to write... :P but ya lots going on ..


Yes kaplan neuro is good but add on HYN u will get more so keep going for HYN .

Summer so will be busy studying and outing so my forum visit will not be regular or often .

See you around and pm me if any .

Keep track here for ur study too, that I did ,, will do in my journal too.

GL to menod, usnod , allnod


Good Morning..
Been quite long, couldn't write. Last few days I couldn't study at all. I feel bad about it, but I guess u just give ureself a push and just get on with it all. smiling face

Target : Neuroanatomy continue. Plan to finish it by the end of July. And then FA annotating still remains...
Looks like Anatomy is taking me a whole month. nod

Good Luck

Home Status: So the agency finally sent me someone to interview. And we found her good, were ready to sign the paper to hire her. But as it happens, on her way back home, she had an accident, had her legs hurt. Nothing major, but now she can't join.. Feel sorry for her, but what were the odds of that happening!!shocked
"Life happens when you are least expecting it"..

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