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 phenix step1 journal  

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so this is going to be the my first post of this journal, for the USMLE step 1, a little bit of info. I am a IMG, graduated in 2011 and I'm currently residing in the states working in a non medical field.


this is going to start as a sad note: I will put a sad face as emphasis sad

recently I paid for a 7 weeks live review course and I am so disappointed because I feel that I'm familiar with the information and just sitting there passively listening to someone talk for hours and hours is a waste of time, when I could be going through the information leaning and memorizing it on my own.

I feel like I wasted money and I torn between just going and finishing the course that I already paid for and I cant get my money back or just doing my own thing. confused


Hey what had done is done , but if kaplan course usally helpful only after you study well since live courses are fast and long hr and intense. They also high light key HY points with visual , easy way to remeber , understand but that is just my 2 cents.

Try focus listening the live lectures as review if u already know it all .

Anyhow ... cheers up and keep studying and doing Qs.

Keep ur progress here too.

ps kaplan if it is some portion refunded depends how much you alreday used the resources or hr sof classed ... try asking better than nothing if will not going to continue the class.
All the best nod

GL to menod, usnod, all nod

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