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 My step 1 Journal.  

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Dear Journal, Today is the first day of June and i'll try my best to do whatever i can. I'am a mother of 2. I beliave nothing is impossible. I've seen my mom do the most difficult things. She got into residency with 2 little baby's and she had my little baby brother during her residency. She is my role model. She got into a top notch program for her specialty and she was always very modest, she would never brag about what she had or what she was. May Allah grant her the highest place in Jannah. I hope this journal will help me work hard and do my best.

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best of luck on your prep


phenix wrote:
best of luck on your prep

Thanx phenix smiling face


Go for it, sorry about ur lost ... channel the emotion to study vibe, she would have like to see you successful like her.

keep it up, the journal here is to be sane and study hard , keep the track here.nod

GL to me nod, usnod, all nod


Dear Journal, i'll start off with small goals and then expand. I have a very limited time to study. Today i just want to finish off the first chapter of physio properly.


The past couple days, i've been just wasting my time searching for partners when i could of used that time to study. What i did so far today is 24 u-world questions but i went over only 10 of them. I did it on timed mode and selected all questions and all divisions. I got 13 correct out of 24 and got a 54 percent so i need to improve alot. I had done only half of the first chapter on the 8th. Today i'll try to finish off the other half of the first chapter in physio so at least that will be complete. I'am working at a pretty slow pace but starting to study is not easy especially after a couple months gap. I've been up since sahoor time and i know i need to have energy once the kids get up so i need to get some sleep as well. I also did part of the first chapter of pathoma. My goal is to at least get 1 chapter of pathoma done per day and some of physio done as well as 24 mixed questions daily. I'd like to start scoring over 70 percent in u-world. There are always alot of tings going on in my life (people coming over, us visiting places, etc.) so at times it gets a bit tough to study but i need to keep in mind that everday i should give my best. No excuses ever. When a patient needs me and i had guests over the day before and am very tired or have gone through something very tragic, i cannot let my patient down. Personal issues should stay at home and study and work should stay in their place. I don't want to let u down mom. I now how hard u've worked for me and u weren't able to see me achieve much in ur lifetime but i will try to give it my best and achieve whatever i'am capable of because u are my motivation. I miss u so much sad.


I need sleep so will stop at changes inred blood cell volume p. 14 in my physio book. will continue later.


Dear Journal, I haven't studied for awhile but i'm starting fresh again. My plan for today is to do immuno as much as i can.


hey mymamasdream,what have you been upto? have you finished immuno yet?

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