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 Step 1 Score 260: My Resources  

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I spent a lot of time finding out what resources and strategies people used to score above 250 on the USMLE 1. I simplified the massive amount of information into a simple strategy to score high. It comes down to high-yield resources and filtering out all of the resources without a proven benefit.

Main resources:
UWorld Qbank (Go through this 2 times)
First Aid (start this M2 year and annotate throughout the year)
Pathoma (start this your M2 year)

These are your essential resources and everything else should be supplemental. I have summarized this strategy on a website that is solely used to give students information on how to do well on Step 1. Instead of copying and pasting this information to the forum I will just post the link. If you use this strategy you will be very happy with your score and increase your chances of being accepted into a top-ranked program.


Congratulations .

How about kaplan LN , video , live on line like class rm anywhere and HY neuro, gross, embryo [ for already graduated IMG prep for this exm smiling face] ?

Where do you study imaging esepcially neuro, and abdominal ?

Q UW and kaplan you did mix or subj wise, time or tutor at 1st run ?

Did you mean do UW without any kaplan LN and video or after each topics or subjects?

UW 2 runs mean 6 month with reset or 3 mo each ... buy 2 times ?

Thnx for the link telling your detail studying steps by steps for st 1.

GL is best we can wish for self and others, though true needs to study hard, well but no harm done to put the GL on top of that wink

Have a good CK and CS nod


Kaplan is not necessary so I would not recommend it.

All imaging is covered in UWorld.

Make sure to used the time feature for UWorld to get a good grasp of timing but the tutor mode is the best. Focus on the tutor mode. Do the subjects with your classes M2 year.

Yes, reset your Uworld after the first time through and start fresh.


Thnx a lot for ur reply.

Will do UW tutor subj then reset time mix then.

Thnx again .


How many % you was doing when you began to do UW?

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