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ok so after a months of preparation i finally decided to keep my journal.
lets get started

renal pathology and pharmacology+uworld questions


FA psychiatry section n relevant uworld questions

i woke up really late this morning,i just hope ill manage to get through this.
good luck to everyone and good luck to mesmiling facesmiling facesmiling face


Welcome to journal world.

You are already doing FA & UW Qs that's seems closer to your exam I guess.

Have a good study run nod

Will come and check now and then .

I am starting again for my reading then with kap Q soon for left over subj big Ps.smiling face

GL to menod, usnod, all nod


Thanks shwe for stopping by.yes i m planning for june but lets see what ALLAH has in plan for me.smiling facesmiling facesmiling face
GL to u,u can do itnodnodnod

could not update for last couple of days,so i did psychiatry n started with's target is to study micro(just few pages coz of guests visiting my place)gringrin

so lets begin
good luck to everyone,good luck to mesmiling facesmiling facesmiling face


Hey guests ... fun time , have a good one .

Micro is good choice with guest around grin

Lets keep pushing each other June so we will be there around that time b4 or after at least this yr wink

Update makes self and forum buddy study competition / motivation so , keep studying and updating to trace ur foot stepsnodsticking out tongue

See you later. Study break now back to study .
Have a good wk end nod

GL to menod, usnod, all nod


could not update because i was busy with registration and all that thingscoolcool

now back to studies.what i did, i studied MSK and neurologygringrin
planning to do micro n immuno daily for 30 min

Also i did free 150 today and got 60%sadsad but anyways i don't wana lose hopesmiling facesmiling face

GL to everyone smiling facesmiling face and GL to megringrin


You mean free Q from usmle official ?
1st time 60% I think is not a bad thing .

Some get 30 , 40% when 1st time , 60% mean u r on right track and average so just nee dto study more to be 80% above wink

See you around.

Seems u r already on FA 2015 or which yr ?

GL to menod, us nod, all nod


hey shwe thanks for bucking me up.i m doing fa 2014.will look at 2015 hopefully soongringrin

so today i started with hematology.did RBCs and platelets.will do WBCs tomorrow inshALLAH.NOW GOLJAN audio before going to bed so see u laternodnod

good luck everyonesmiling facesmiling face and GL to megringrin


Ok so finally got my score.212 Alhamdulilah.i could not update my journal bcoz of some reasons but anyway i wrote my exam on 10 june and got my result today.grin

To All those who are studying,never lose hope and gud luck:-)


Congratulations, you made it, go for next one asap or u will loose the vibe for studying wink

Hope you can share , pm me is ok too re your new exm style do and don't experinces including material uses, thnx.
Do you get 44 Q or 46 Q style in ur st 1 ?

GL for ur next stepsnod


Thanks alot shwe.i also sent u a pm but still going to write my experience that might help others.
Materials used:
Anatomy..fa& uworld
Micro..fa & uworld
Biostats and behviour...fa & uworld(dont make this mistakegrin)
HY neuroanatomy
Pathology..pathoma & goljan transripts.did audio for couple of units then read only transcripts for rest.
Immumo..again fa & uworld

Studied for


Studied for almost year but with lots of distractions.
Nbme 7 ,6 months ago 92/200
Then nbme 11,12,13(1 month ago) 135-140 correct.
did all of them offline.
Last month focused on fa, pathoma and goljan transcripts.
I found real exam easier than nbme.few qs straight from pathoma, fa .to summarize 80% from fa and pathoma
Biostasts and behaviour was heavily least 3,4 qs in every block.roughly 5 experimental qs.
dont forget to do free 150.

so i would say do biostats really well.
Wish u all a very gud luck and dont get discouraged by getting low scores in nbme.

Edited by kshah on Jul 08, 2015 - 2:22 PM


Thnx alot.

I saw your pm then now here so ... thnx, u had posted ur prep materials you had used and ur exm experinces.
What QB u had used UW, kap, Rx ?

Thank you nod


Just uworld.could not afford others.but i think this is enough for examnod

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