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 IMG +US plastic surgery residency  

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As an IMG, I have recently graduated from a sought after excellent 6 year integrated plastic surgery residency in Los Angeles. I have been advising people for the past 6 years on application and life as a US plastic surgery resident. I am happy to give you advice. When I applied, I was told I was too old, foreign and my chances are slim. Don't lose heart.PM me if you want more information.



Thanks bd21 for your kindly welcome and inspiring words. 8 years ago, USMLE was just in my head, but not done in real world which doesn't favor me. Now, some conditions favor me to dream for USMLE and residency in US. I am interested in internal medicine residency. Isn't it easier to get than plastic surgery. Whatever, studying is the best answer for me to reach goal.
See you in US smiling face



Internal Medicine is less competitive because there are a lot more spots - in a typical program, there will be > 10 spots. As a result, you don't need so high a score to compete for a spot. Regardless, the USMLEs need a dedicated period of study time - I took a month off my research and spent a month in a study center. Because I had been a gap between my taking the exam and graduating medical school, I found Step 1 much harder than step 2, the latter being more clinically orientated. Step 3 was not very hard and by then, you already have a spot.

The other thing to remember is that once you have passed, you are stuck with you score - meaning you can't retake it to get a better score. Some people take a diagnostic test before. I did USMLE world to get an idea of how ready I was.

Good luck.



I recently read your entry about completing your plastic surgery residency in LA as an IMG. I am currently a medical student and I'll be graduating in a few months from now. I am also considering taking the USMLE and applying for a plastic surgery residency in the US so I was wondering if you could give my some advice.
Right now I'm quite confused about my options. First of all, as an IMG yourself, how would you describe the working environment in US? What are the most important advantages and disadvantages in being a surgeon in US?
Secondly, would you recommend spending a year off doing externships and observerships before I apply for residency or should I take my chances first?
Thirdly, how long does it generally take to get a spot in plastic surgery or just surgery at first? is it possible to match right away the first time? would you recommend listing very famous and highly praised institutions or is it too difficult to get placed within one?
I know I have a lot of questions and everything mostly depends on personal achievements, etc. but I'll be very happy if you could just shed some light on my utterly confused mind...
thank you so much in advance for your help smiling face

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