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 My CS experience (passed on 1st a  

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I passed CS on 1st attempt. First of all the actual exam was easier than I thought and most of the simulated patients were nice and cooperative.

Study resources: FA (3rd edition) and Kaplan's core cases. I also used help of my skype study partners but I believe one can prepare for this exam without study partners. Self-practicing in front of the mirror will do it too. NB: don't forget about FA mini cases (important!!!), and practice them as you would do with practice cases.

Time for preparation: 2 months full time (8-9 hrs/day, every day except Sat and Sun). Doing well on step 2 CK helped tremendously in terms of DDx/work up otherwise my CS preparation would have taken me longer.

Actual exam: to save time I sanitized my hands (instead of washing/using gloves) but in 4 cases I heard: "Examines you must leave the room now" when I was in the middle of closure. I had to say to the SPs: "I'm sorry I have to answer to this emergency page but I will get back to you as soon as I can". I also shook their hands and gave them a warm smile. Because of my not so fast typing in 5 patient notes I wasn't able to enter all the info I gathered from the SPs but I tried my best to make my PNs look as complete as possible (started from entering DDx, then work up, and lastly H and P) and made sure the key info for DDx/justifications was there! As for English and communication skills I had no problems.

Conclusion: In my opinion ICE component of the exam is the most challenging part in terms of being able to gather pertinent diagnostic information and then transcribe it into PNs logically given the time constraints.

Good luck to everybody! It's a very doable exam
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OMG I know this post is very old .. but I searched every where for anything to make me sleep at night ... I took my CS .. everything went well except that I heard "Examinee please leave the room in three cases" in middle of conclusion .. and I am freaking out about that .. although my patient notes were complete my communication and english hopefully too .. I really wish I make it .. thank you for posting this .. two years later it helped me


Oh God thank you for posting this. I was so scared . I searched all over the internet for something to make me sleep at night. I heard " examinee please leave the room 3 times" when I was in the middle of conclusion. Although my patients note went well and nothing really was challenging. English and communication went well I hope too.
I was just scared about the 3 cases .. Oh God .. thank you so much .. I know this post is old .. but after two years it helped me .. THANK YOU


Two years flew by. School's out. Now its time for you to sit through an 9 hour exam -- Step 2cs of the USMLE. It doesn't matter what you think you know. All you really know is that you don't know enough. My name is Ricky and I'm a Step-2cs tutor. I've been there, done that and gotten the t-shirt. I've been tutoring for the past few years and I'm very passionate about my job. You know I can help you because I used to BE you. I know what you're feeling. I understand your doubts and apprehensions. I will give you the knowledge, strategy and above all, the confidence to sit for the Step-2cs examination. I use online meetings (Becker/Kaplan style) to offer both written and live instruction, guiding you through your preparation at your personal pace. Included are my personal notes and anytime help via skype.

email info@steptutors dot com

steptutors dot com

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