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Finished endocrine review. Reviewed RBC/hemostasis disorders. Reviewed some psych. Will finish hemat and psych today. One block of Uworld (83%). Will do general pharmac if I get time.

t-minus: 5 days


Finished antimicrobials. Will finish off the end of viruses/HIV. Then review hemat drugs and do general pharmac.

Uworld block (74%).

update, 2nd Uworld block also 74%.

t-minus: 4 days

Edited by IndiaInk on Nov 26, 2014 - 6:16 PM


Rooting for you man, best wishes for your upcoming exam!


Thank you, Indomethacin! I haven't been checking your blog (sorry) but I know your exam was a few weeks from mine right? Best of luck to you too. I'm sure you're going to get an amaaaazing score! You've been working hard and you deserve it.

Finished Immuno review today. Pleasantly surprised, I knew more than I realised ha. Am in the midst of biochem. Will finish it today. Sleep at 10. Take benadryl if I need it. Start NBME 15 at 8 am, follow with NBME 7. My very last practice test (the one at the center doesn't really count)....dun dun dun....

Uworld block: 70 %

t-minus: 3 days

(well...3 days till the 30th. )


NBME 15: 226!

NBME 7: 245

I have a feeling that these NBMEs are overpredicting my score. It doesn't make any sense, but I have a gut feeling that the NBME 15 score is most probably closer to the real thing. So, I'll probably end up with a 230, at least, I hope.

My biochem score is consistently below borderline. I don't know if it's even worth it to spend more time memorizing that chapter. It's probably better to spend time on CVS/RS/Renal and then just review flashcards and pharmac. The flashcards have some biochem. At this point, I can't do much more.

I got 100% in behavioral sciences and immuno in NBME 7 though. And stars in those subjects plus MSK and Renal in both exams. A small victory.

Finished the last look at RS. In the midst of CVS. Will finish that and Renal today, if possible.

Uworld block: 78%

t-minus: 1 day

(I've been counting down to the 30th. My exam is a few days after, but I don't think much can be done in the few days before the exam besides quick pharmac review. So whatever my preparation is by tomorrow...that's probably as good as it's going to get).


2nd uworld block: 76%

Finished cvs. Got through most of renal. Will finish the rest tomorrow...have to sleep so that I wake up at 6 am (practice exam day timing)!

Edited by IndiaInk on Nov 29, 2014 - 10:32 PM


Hey, I wish you the best of luck for the exam. You've come a long way now and worked hard for this, so I think you'll do fine, so long as you remain calm on the exam day. I say that coz I tend to get quite anxious during times like that and it has costed me a great deal in the past.

So just relax, skim over high yield stuff (I hear the best thing to do is just read the high yield topics at the end of the FA). Oh and plan your snacks and lunch ahead of time.


Same thoughts from me, you've made some great progress in such little time indiaink. Don't psyche yourself out now, best wishes for your big day man.


qirkergaard and indomethacin: thank you guys so much! you have no idea how much it means to have support from people who are going through the same ordeal! smiling face Yup, the goal for exam day is the best advice I've ever heard lol (from Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy): "Don't Panic!"


I feel ridiculously calm. I find it's always better if I'm scared before and then calm during the actual exam. This weird calm feels like...the calm before a storm!

Anyway. I've finished renal. Just want to take a quick look through cvs pathology (vasculitis), then I'll only be doing pharmac and flashcards and rapid review.

I had told myself I'll take half a day off before the exam, but I think that would freak me out. I'll probably just do a very light day of studying. I'm divided as to whether I should watch an episode of Big Bang theory or not. I'm being stupidly superstitious. I had told myself I wouldn't watch any tv till after the exam, and I've been good about it. So I don't know if an episode will relax me or not. I understand I'm insane!

This is probably my last post till after the exam, you guys. Thanks so much for all the support and best of luck to all of you!


Good luck again!

Do keep us posted on your exam experience!


Yeah man, keep us posted for sure! Hope it all goes well man!


good luck buddy!


Hi everyone! I took on the beast and (I think) I survived!

The actual exam experience was pretty anticlimatic.It was like I was doing 7 blocks of Uworld with a couple of NBME questions mixed in. If you have memorized FA and Uworld explanations and done every NBME, you're gold.

2-3 questions from the 2014 free 150 were repeated on my exam. So definitely know all the answers to those questions.

All of the biochem questions I had were clinically oriented. There weren't any detailed questions on pathways. Just diseases and relevant questions, everything was in FA.

There were a few REALLY weird questions. But they were very few and far between. A lot of the hard questions, I felt I could narrow down the answer choice through process of elimination. But then I know I missed easy, easy questions for apparently no reason at all.

For example, there was this question about alcohol metabolism that was SO FREAKIN obvious, but I missed it. I still don't know why I put the answer that I did. It will probably haunt me for the rest of my life.

I don't know what else to say that hasn't already been said in all the forums. If you have specific questions, feel free to ask them here, I will answer as soon as possible.

Good luck you guys smiling face


congrats!!! yay!! ur done!
im sure u did well...
how was anatomy, genetics biostats ....


Great to hear that bud! Best wishes for your results man!


Thanks you guys! smiling face

I had one hardy weinberg question that was exactly the same as Uworld/usmle rx questions on the topic.

Genetics questions...there was a pedigree chart asking what disease it could be.Other than that, I can't remember any specific genetics questions.

There were very difficult, weird biostats questions though. Or maybe I just felt they were difficult. They were very long and I felt like they would take me an hour to completely figure out. Maybe it was just the time constraint, but those questions irritated me.

Anatomy, I had some hand anatomy in my exam. All the abdo CTs were asked with a clinical vignette. I had A LOT of neuroanat on my exam. Lot's of clinical vignettes asking about both brainstem and spinal cord lesions. Probably nothing that isn't in FA, but I think a quick look through the brain stem and spinal cord slices in Kaplan notes wouldn't be a bad idea.


I guess I'll do those cross sections in Kaplan again then.

Thanks again and I wish you a great score!


Thnx for the exm experinces .

Congrat u had done.

re NBME ... I plan not to do all, will do some on line only like later one 16 for sure so which one shall I do.
Sinec no time looking for right answers and explaination i rather review note, kap and uw qs.

Also no time to do ... rx FA Q at all will it hurts the performances/ scores /
Am using 2013 but will use 2015 too .

Have a good winter and seems u might be celebrating or already on other steps.

GL nodcoolnodgrinnodwinknodsmiling face


Hey, is anyone still out there? smiling face

Sorry for the reallly late post. I got my score in January (college paperwork issues).

I got a 238.

Although I would have loved a 240+, I am content with my score.

I just need to get a much higher score on Step 2 CK!

Will be giving Step 2 CK by the end of June.

Hope you are all well and meeting your goals. smiling face

See you on the the Step 2 journals/forums.


Congratulation !

Most of us are busy with family and study slow now a day and seems moms are not able to come to journal much .

Hope can see you around here now and then even you'll be in st 2 journal .
All the bets for ur st 2 prep.nod

GL to me nod, us nod, all nod

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