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So I am happy with my score BUT I actually got 34 questions wrong. Which is strange because I got 35 questions wrong on NBME 12 and got a 224. I know there are weighted questions and no one actually knows how these tests are graded, but still. A 10 point jump in a week and yet I only got 1 more question right compared to last time? Hard to believe.

Therefore, my gut feeling estimate is more around: 228. lol. If that means anything.

All I know for sure is that what I'm doing is definitely working for me. I don't think concentrating on questions is what I need to do (although I shouldn't lose touch with them completely).

I need to just go through and memorize first aid x2 before my exam and if I can manage that, I think I will reach my goal! smiling face

Gotta finish psych videos and memorization today. Maybe Pathoma.


For what it's worth, you're definitely progressing in the right direction (as your scores attest to this), so keep doing what you're doing.

Good luck!


@qirkergaard: I hope so! We'll see what happens next weekend. I have to take a full length test then. Thanks though

Didn't do as much as I wanted to today. Just a slooooow, lazy day. Slept waaaay more than I needed to.

All I accomplished today was finishing my first memorization read through Psych. I tried to concentrate on the drugs, but I'm pretty sure I just read everything else in that chapter. Yesterday, I listened to some of the Kaplan video psych chapters I have left.

I need to start CVS memorization today. Maybe go through the physio chapter in BRS physio again.

Then, on Saturday, I'll get that extra biostats Uworld Qbank and work on it the entire day. Hope to never get a biostats question wrong after that!

t-minus: 20 days


I'm really beginning to feel I'm going WAY TOO SLOW. I went through the CVS part of BRS physio again yesterday. Then today, I worked on the HY Biostats book. I listened to most of the 2 Goljian CVS lectures. And I am partly through CVS pathology. But I didn't finish CVS. I don't know what happened. I guess I just wasted a lot of time.

I need to make a schedule. There are a lot of family commitments tomorrow. Wish I hadn't wasted so much time today.

Goals for the next few weeks:

11/12 Wed (tomorrow): Finish CVS. Renal

11/13 Thurs: Renal/ GIT. Do free 150 (2013)

11/14 Fri: GIT/ Endocrine

11/15 Sat: Endocrine

11/16 Sun: NBME 13 and UWSA 2

11/17 Mon: Neuro

11/18 Tues: Neuro

11/19 Wed: MSK

11/20 Thurs: Reproductive

11/21 Fri: RS/ Catch up

11/22 Sat: Path/Pharmac

11/23 Sun: Free 150 (2014)

11/24 Mon: Micro

11/25 Tues: Micro/ Biochem

11/26 Wed: Pharmac: ANS/CVS/Immuno

11/27 Thurs: Immuno

11/28 NBME 7 and NBME 15. Decide whether to delay exam.

T-minus: 19 days


Did a block of Uworld and got 74%. More importantly, there were few questions where I didn't understand the concept. The questions I got wrong were more of a "memorization" problem. I was able to work through calculations and I think I got all the physio questions.

My memorization, however, is painfully slow.

I finished CVS (finally). Did some biostats. And Im getting through renal. I had thought I would be done with renal today but I'm stuck in physiology still. Sadly, I never really understood where PTH worked in the nephron, until today!

Will finish the physio section and then sleep.

I'll start reviewing the flashcards I've made for 1 hour every morning, starting tomorrow.

Tomorrow's schedule:

7am: wake up/breakfast etc

8 am: 1 hour review of flashcards

9 am: Renal

12 pm: Lunch/ Biostats

1 pm: GIT

5 pm: Coffee break/ Walk dog/ Listen to goljian audio

6 pm: GIT

730pm: Dinner -> inflammation part of Pathoma

8:30pm: Review Biostats or Do 1 block Uworld

9/930 pm: Endocrine

12 pm: Sleep

t-minus: 18 days


lol its funny what u said about PTH ....good luck buddy keep at it


@makeitorbreakit: lol thanks! good luck to you too!

The day didn't go as planned. I decided to do the 2013 free 150, so that took away 3 hours plus time to review the answers. I took an hour and half longer on renal than was planned. And I spent some time on HY stats.

Basically...I'm starting GIT now.

The only positive things I can say are:

1.) I feel pretty confident about the entire renal section of FA now.

2.) I got 84% on the 2013 free 150. I know it's not the best predictor, but the medfriends score correlator puts me at 247 (LOL). If I take away the questions on which I guessed, I'm at 79.7%, and then the estimator puts me at a 237. All that matters is that this confirms that I should be around 230.

On a slightly different note, did you guys hear that the 2014 national average for step 1 is now 230?! A lot of people have reported the average as 228 with a standard deviation of 21 or something... As an IMG, I've got to get at least 10 points higher than the mean.

Anyway. I have A LOT of work to do.

t-minus: 17 days


As always, I veered off schedule. I completed endocrine (just have some pharmac left). Completed the HY biostats book. And listened to Goljian endocrine lecture (walked the dog for a mile or more while I did that). Reviewed some renal in the morning, just to make sure I remembered it. Reviewed some flashcards today, but not for an hour. Finished two blocks of Uworld (74% and 65%).
So now I'll finish off Endocrine pharmac. After that, I can't decide between starting reproductive or trying to start and finish the general pharmac section tonight.

I'm definitely starting to feel fatigued. I never had a great attention span, but it has been getting more difficult to concentrate as D-day comes closer. I'll get really nervous and spend SO MUCH time just thinking about: "what if my score is..." and "What if I pass/fail..." and "what if I pass and still don't get a residency..." I wish I had an off button for thoughts like that. They really waste my time.

Update: I only got half way through pharmac. Will finish the other half plus patho tomorrow. Maybe I can even start a new chapter (GIT/reproductive). Will give a full length practice exam on sunday. Scared. Don't want my score to go down. Of course I wish I was at 240 already, but in reality I fear I'm going to drop back to 220.

t-minus: 16 days

Edited by IndiaInk on Nov 14, 2014 - 9:51 PM


Finished general pharmac. Although I need to keep reviewing those drug side effects every day. Spent a little more than an hour on the flashcards. I'm so glad I started reviewing them. There was a lot of biochem/mol bio from DIT that I had basically forgotten about.

Will start and finish pathology. Hope to start GIT or Reproductive in the evening.

Feeling really nervous about the practice exam tomorrow. Not only do I not know how to give an 8 hour exam...I also read that NBME 13 is pretty tough. People usually score 10 points higher than their NBME 13 score, I think. Still, if it drops me down to 210 or something, I will be heartbroken.

I guess UWSA II is there to keep the blow at a minimum.


UWSA II: 240

NBME 13: 254

Shocked. Worried. I certainly don't feel like I am at 250. Not even 240. I guess I just had a good day. Hope I'm actually at high 230s at least. Don't want these scores to be a fluke. Confused about UWSA II since it's supposed to over predict the real score by about 20.

Will continue memorizing FA.

T-minus: 14 days


Finished RS. Will start Neuro now. Hope I can get a huge chunk of it done before I sleep! Reviewed flashcards. Will review them again before I sleep.

Goals for the next 2 weeks:

Today (11/17): Finish 3/4 Neuro.

Tomorrow (11/18): Neuro and MSK

Wed (11/19): GIT

Thurs (11/20): Reproductive/Endocrine

Fri (11/21): Micro

Sat (11/22): Micro/Hemat

Sun (11/23): Free 150 (2014); Gen. Path/Pharmac

Mon (11/24):RS/CVS/Renal

Tues (11/25): Behavioral Science/Psych/Neuro/MSK

Wed (11/26): Neuro/Reproductive/Endocrine

Thurs (11/28):NBME 7/NBME 15

Fri (11/29):RS/CVS/Renal

Sat (11/30):Pharmac/Immunology/Micro

Sun (12/1):Biochem/Immunology/Pharmac

Mon (12/2):Practice test at center. Flashcards/ Anatomy/Equations

Tues (12/3):Flashcards/Heart sounds/Equations

Wed (12/4): Step 1.


Finished Neuro. Took me a long time to do the CNS drugs. Still feel like going over them 2 million more times.

Will finally start MSK now, right after 1 block of Uworld.

My anxiety levels are only increasing as test day gets closer and closer. I wish I felt more confident!

t-minus: 12 days


Finished only half of MSK yesterday. Will finish the rest and then start GIT.

My Uworld scores fluctuate a lot from low 60s to high 70s. This worries me. I've noticed that my scores fluctuate because 1.) I'm doing the block late at night after a full day of studying or 2.) I get hit with a lot of genetics or biochem or immuno questions that I can't remember ANYthing about.

That's scary. It means that if my exam is full of biochem and immuno, there is a chance that I will barely pass. And I need to make sure I don't get fatigued by the end of the exam. I'm going to try taking the 5 hour energy crap. I tried it for the last practice exam (right before NBME 13). I took the entire bottle right after a full lunch and felt a bit nauseated. Definitely a lot of facial flushing (niacin effect lol) and increase in heart rate. BUT, I was awake and concentrating. I ended up finishing all my blocks 20 minutes early. I'll probably only take half the bottle for the real exam. Will try this with my last practice exam on Nov 28th.

Update: Have only finished half of GIT. The physio portion with all the hormones took forever. Plus I was reviewing skin. For some reason, dermat doesn't stick in my head very well. That and nerve pathways/injuries. Boo. Did 3 blocks of Uworld today. Got 80% and 73% in the morning. Got 63% at night. Hmm.

I have this feeling that after all this studying, I still don't know ANYTHING like the back of my hand. And I will be easily confused by options on the exam, especially when I'm tired. I'm afraid I'll go after every red herring they throw at me. It's obvious to me that I'm going to get less than what my NBME's projected. I just don't have the stamina to study nor do I have the stamina to pull through this exam. I just don't have what it takes.

Will do the free 150 on sunday (11/23).

Then, NBME 7 and NBME 15 on (11/28). Hopefully that is the real predictor of my exam score.

Practice exam at the center (12/2).

Then my exam.

t-minus: 11 days

Edited by IndiaInk on Nov 19, 2014 - 9:51 PM


Finished GIT. Started reproductive.

I've gotten 63% in the last 3 blocks of Uworld questions. WTH.

t-minus: 10 days


Keep cool, score down can be too much stress so keep it cool with a little stress only wink

Think about ur NBME 13 great score day .. may be u r happy, confidence and , not too much stress.
USMLE exm testing our coping with stress level too so ... with good studying and right mind set ....... u will get ur dream scorenod

GL to ur exm , by time I will be busy with fm so let me wish u GL for ur exm now

nodwinknodgrinnodcoolnodsmiling face


Thanks Shwe! I think you're right. I'm getting really stressed. haha I don't know what happened with NBME 13. It was definitely a fluke. But you're right, I wasn't as stressed. Thank you smiling face


Using that note function in USMLE world is really helpful. I'm such an idiot for not using it sooner! I feel like they've added new questions since the last time I used the qbank lol. I wonder if they have? There are just some questions about drugs, like the sodium glucose transporter inhibitors, that I don't even recall reading about...ever. What a great thing to realise 9 days before my exam.

I'm a day behind in my schedule, I think? Was supposed to finish reproductive yesterday and start micro today. Instead, I've still got 5-6 pages left in reproductive and I did 2 blocks of Uworld. Got 65% and 67%.

Maybe I will do hemat (RBC/hemostasis) in the evening today, after I finish reproductive. Then, the entire day for micro tomorrow. Hope that will be enough since I had origininally meant to spend a day and half on micro.

Will do the 2014 free 150 this sunday morning.

Then just a week for the last run through FA. NBME 15 and 7 on the 28th. A practice test on the 2nd. And then 2 days later, that's it. The most important day in my life, up till now.

If nothing else, at least I can say that I worked hard for the past few months. Who knows what my score will be and if I will even get a residency. Whatever happens, I know that I have worked hard and I deserve whatever good (however big or small) that will come to me after this.

Okay, I'm done being an emo lol!

Back to work.

{update: Did another block of uworld and got 83%. I have no idea what that means. I can't find any subjects that I'm consistently weak in on the break down given in Uworld. Except anat and histo. Anyway, I completed reproductive.Listened to Goljian, did flashcards and this uworld block instead of doing either hemat or micro. So now I'm behind (again)! Regardless, I'll just do micro tomorrow. Will squeeze hemat review in on sunday/monday, I hope.}

t-minus 9 days.

Edited by IndiaInk on Nov 21, 2014 - 10:57 PM


Reviewed parts of reproductive and GI. Half way through micro. Did one block of Uworld (70%) and will do another later.

I'll take the free 150 in the afternoon tomorrow. I want to try out that 5 hour energy stuff again, with only half the bottle. So will see if it helps in the last 4 hours of the test.

Will try my best to finish micro tonight. Otherwise, will finish it tomorrow morning. And do a quick run through hemat before the free 150.

update: reviewed remaining reproductive. I find the ovarian, testicular and cns path particularly difficult to remember. Uworld block (80%): easy questions, 1 I remembered, but plenty that I was proud to get correct. Will finish micro tomorrow, I hope.

t-minus: 8 days

Edited by IndiaInk on Nov 22, 2014 - 11:00 PM


Practice Tests so far and to come:


NBME 7 (baseline, August 11): 190

(Did USMLERX and some DIT)

Usmlerx exam: 216

NBME 4 (offline, Oct 11): 211

Kaplan diagnostic (Oct 12): 59%

(Tried to use the Kaplan Qbank but gave up after almost 2 weeks of technical difficulties).

UWSA 1 (Oct 19): 228

NBME 11 (Oct 28): 222

Goljian comprehensive (Oct 31): 81 %

NBME 12 (Nov 2): 224

NBME 16 (Nov 9): 234!

2013 Free 150,offline: 84% = 247 (according to medfriends calculator)

NBME 13 + UWSA 2 (nov 16): 254 + 240= 247

2014 Free 150, Fred software (nov 23):

  • 3 Blocks+5 audio/visual questions: 84% (medfriends:247)
  • # Blocks Without audio/visual: 79% (medfriends: 237)

To Do:

Nov 30: NBME 15 + 7

Edited by IndiaInk on Nov 23, 2014 - 4:45 PM


Reviewed general pathology and endocrine drugs again. Did one block of uworld and made stupid mistakes (65%).

Like Brad Pitt says in the movie Mr. and Mrs. Smith, "I guess at the end, you tend to think about the beginning." This so applies to my relationship with the usmle step 1. Hahaha

I know it's not over yet, but I just keep thinking about what I did in the past 3.5-4 months. If I had a chance to do it over, I would do SO MANY things differently. I am 100% sure I would have a better score than what I'm going to get.

Well. I did (and am doing) my very best.

update: 2nd block of uworld, really easy (85%). Cumulative Uworld percentage is now 70% (was 69% for the looooongest time).

t-minus: 6 days

Edited by IndiaInk on Nov 24, 2014 - 7:03 PM

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