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Author93 Posts

Good going .

Keep going .

Good to see you back nod

I have not restart physio yet .

Still thinking which subj to restart with patho or BC or bothsmiling face
Mean time listen to Golj maily .grin

GL to me nod, usnod, all nod


Just did ch3 today confused
Hopefully it will be a more productive day tomorrow nod


shwe wrote:
Good going .

Keep going .

Good to see you back nod

I have not restart physio yet .

Still thinking which subj to restart with patho or BC or bothsmiling face
Mean time listen to Golj maily .grin

GL to me nod, usnod, all nod

Hi Shwe!
Thanks 4 stopping by smiling face
If u r listening to Goljan maybe u should restart with Patho wink


Any time, I accept ur challenge ... post daily in journal ... or not here I comesticking out tongue


Papi listening will be as much since good buffering when tired doing Q or reading or while browsing webs sticking out tongue .
Same for pathoma reading too.

Had started BC so will stick with it and patho like Papi audio and pathoma reading as side out let not as serious grin

How's ur physio kap Ln today raised eyebrowgrin

See u tmr nod
Don't foget to post daily here and check, drop a line in mine too nodgrin

GL to me nod, usnod, allnodcoolgrin


So, today I did:
- Review ch3(SII) from kaplan + other book for electro cardiology
- Study ch1(SI)(1/2)again confused
- Study SIII(ch1&2)

Hopefully I'll be done with ch1(SI) tomorrow sad


shaking headshaking headdisapprovalshaking headdisapproval
Just reviewed first part of ch1(SI), and still not get it madsadshaking headconfused
What should I do?, should I skip it until I feel smarter (lol)?
Gosh mad ..... I don't want to keep procrastinating with this's not that late, so I think I'm going to try again
See YA tomorrow


Hey was busy and knock down with cold winter liek windy wetaher on this starting wk so try to get fitter today b4 starting Q , reading again.

re Physio , why not pair with video and listen same several times, I did when doing immunology till I really got it ... it took 2 to 4 runs read along with video by time .

Just have to be patienst , not you just the subjectsgrin
But can do moving forward and coem back that one whne in v happy cheerful moodsticking out tongue

So have no update for last 2 dayssadgrinwill make up double for that catching up this wk nod

Following also for me too... reminder sis.........
Oh do not wiat too long for review ... my hard lesson after get it or not come back old chpt along side to review while leraning new chptnod
At some point the light bulp just brighten up on our head and u will totally get it but pl do reviwe soon asap after that then wink

GL nodcoolnod


Hi Shwe!!!
Thanks 4 the advicesmiling face
I'm reading & watching videos, and it's a good idea to comeback to ch1 when I'm in a better mood...thanks thanks thanks
I'm sorry u got sick sad how r u now?,I hope u r feeling better nod
Get well and take care wink


Oopssss!!!!!, I forgot to post my update hahaha

Didn't study

Ch1 (Section IV)
Ch1 (Section V)(just first pages), but the night is young, so I will keep reading grin

See YA tomorrow nod

Ps/ I do not work on Saturday, so I better get my book and make a big progress nod


I also no study today due to suprise out of town relative another one sticking out tongue

So nothing today , menas Sunday have to double it nod

You're welcome ... you can do it , see you next time .smiling face

Better not sick much , but have to be v v careful with winter like weather still heresad.grin

GL to me nod, usnod


Hi sis, have a good ... May study month.

Am doing kap Q for this month with Papi audio , FA later 2 some of the days when Q done lots... how's ur kaplan reading ?

Waiting for ur update here study or not wink


I lost too many days again
I really need to catch up on my studies.
So, I reviewed all the chapters from physiology that I read before my absence
Now, I have to go to work, when I come back I'm going to review section IV again and start wit section V
Good luck everybody


Good to see you back in action, study and work .
You can do it, me too.nod

Be strong and stay on track ... weather is nicer now so ... study shall be too with better and , more focus, intense studywinknod

Have a good long wk end and study hard, me toonod

GL to menod, usnod, allnod

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