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Hi guys & journal!!!

I'm back after going through a rough time....but now I'm feeling BETTER THAN I'm ready to work hard until I ACHIEVE MY GOALS!!!.
So, goodbye negative energy and WELCOME POSITIVE ENERGY!!!

I also would like to thank someone in this forum that helped me and understood me when I seek for help...THANK YOU SO MUCH SHWE FOR YOUR WISE WORDS & FOR RESPONDING TO MY REQUEST FOR HELP!!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU...GOD BLESS YOU!!!

I also want to thank QIRKERGAARD & INDOMETHACIN cuz u guys motivate me, u are an example of hard work and perseverance. THANK YOU!!!!


So, if anyone needs help or a friend, feel free to contact me smiling face.


So, now It's time to talk about my studies.

I started to study BIOCHEMESTRY from the KLN.
I have 2 Qs for u guys:

1.- How do/did u study biochemestry?. I'm stuck with chapter 4. (biochemestry is my weakest subject). I thought I understood everything until I did the Qs that r at the end of each chapter, but I was wrong confused
2.- Do u guys have the videos for chapters 4-5-6 & 7?, I just realized that I'm missing those videos, and I found videos in piratebay but those videos r missing the same chapters. Can u guys help me with that? please?

I'll be waiting 4 ur advice nodnodnod

THNX IN ADVANCE!!! gringringrin


Hey there, thanks, we're all in the same boat at the end of the day. I think perseverance and hard work is ultimately what will get us to our goal.

Regarding biochem, I don't have the videos per se, but I'll try to get them from a friend if I go to the library anytime soon.

What I did:
Did Kaplan, but did it in the most disorganized fashion: I did the first few chapters of molecular and then went on to viatmins, minerals etc and then metabolism and then came back and finished molecular bio and lastly, the genetics (which I didn't even finish.)

I didn't quite like Kaplan biochem for other stuff but the core biochem topics are very high yield and perhaps one of the best resources out there that I've used. I mostly annotated stuff and right after the video, would quickly go through salient points and try to explain each regulatory step, f(x)n to myself.

After finishing all of kaplan metabolism, I did FA and not so surprisingly, it all made perfect sense and I could finish it in a day.

So I think Kaplan Biochem + FA Biochem + UWorld = more than enough for biochem.


Thank u so much qirkergaard for taking some time off to give me tips for Biochemestry
I really appreciated
I'm gonna follow your advice!!!, I'm gonna explain each regulatory step to myself and I hope I'll read FA in 1 day like u did.nod
About the videos, thank u for trying to help me , but it won't be necessary anymore cuz some kind soul from other forum sent me the links to download them. But thank u anyways.
Good luck with your study plan my friend and thank u otra vez !!!


So, today I finally got chapter 4 cuz I studied with my sp.
We reviewed chapters 1-2-3 and studied chapter 4.
It was a good study session nodnodnod
Now I'm reviewing ch4 again and then I'm going to sleep.
Good night everybody !!!!
See ya tomorrow!!!!


hey bakita thats awesome!
knw that biochem is very elaborate in kaplan which is good to have a big picture but simultaneously have ur FA alongside to see the high yield/imp areas as kaplan biochem can just drown u in details which wont be necessary plus u wont be able to recall.....good luck buddy!


Thank so much for the tip makeitorbreakit!!! smiling facesmiling face
I'm gonna do it exactly as u told me cuz the first part is taking me thons of time lol
Good luck with ur studies too!!!


So today I've studied chapters 5 & 6.
Chapter 5 was easy and enjoyable and chapter 6 was a nightmare confusedconfused
I think I'm gonna read it again tomorrow before starting to study ch7.
Have a good night everybody!!!
See ya tomorrow!!!!


"So I think Kaplan Biochem + FA Biochem + UWorld = more than enough for biochem."

I agree with this, most of the biochem Qs can be answered through good understanding of these sources.

My advice would be, if you get confused while reading biochem or after getting a question wrong, write down your confusion in a form of a question on a separate piece of paper. For example, "I don't understand how pyruvate dh deficiency leads to a child with Chvostek's sign?"

1.) Then I would try to understand that pyruvate dh deficiency causes pyruvate to shunt into lactate.
2.) Build of lactate causes metabolic acidosis.
3.) This acidosis is compensated by metabolic alkalosis/hyperventilation.
4.) Hyperventilation causes loss of H+ from albumin binding sites.
5.) This results in increased binding of Ca++ to albumin.
6.) Now there will be decreased free ionized Ca++ in the serum.
7.) This may lead to hypocalcemic symptoms such as Chvostek's sign.

Turn your confusion into a physical form so you can tackle it. That way confusion is not just some unknown entity.

Put these explanations amongst your step notes. So for example, I would write questions on a separate piece of paper, but then would put the explanations in my FA after I figured it out, which is my main source of notes.

Also, pay attention and memorize the few steps before and after an enzyme deficiency. As I feel that most of the biochem questions are regarding these diseases, what is building up before, or what is unable to be formed, etc.

It takes time, but with hard work and consistency, things will be alright.

Edited by indomethacin on Sep 04, 2014 - 4:25 AM


Thank you so much Indomethacin for the detailed advice and for taking time off ur studies to help me!!!!!
I'm gonna follow ur advice. U gave me a great idea and example on how to study form chapter 11 to chater 18 from KLN


Thank u so much guys for giving me excellent advice!!!!
I really appreciate your help!!!
God bless you all!!!
Good luck with your prep!!!


So, today I've studied chapter 7 & read ch6 again.
And read FA with my sp.

(I'm following your advice guys and I'm having good results. grinnod
Thank you!!!)

I know it's going slow but for the first time in my life I can say: Biochemestry is my

That's it for today nod

Have a great night everybody!!!!!

See ya tomorrow wink


Good job, keep continuing =)


qirkergaard wrote:
Good job, keep continuing =)

Thank you qirkergaard smiling facesmiling facesmiling face


Hi everybody !!!
I couldn't update since Friday (cuz I had 2 busy days), so I'm gonna do it

Friday (9-5-2014)
- I review with my sp ch7 from KLN & FA.

Saturday (9-6-2014)
- I took the day off cuz I had a christening smiling face

- I've studied & reviewed with my sp ch8 from KLN & FA.

I know....SHAME ON ME!!! pace was very slow this weekend, but I'll try to catch up this week nodnod
Seriously , today was very difficult to study cuz I woke up tired (like I have a hangover) confused
I hope tomorrow will be a better day nod
Good night guys!!!


My progress for Monday 9/8/14
Studied and reviewed with my sp chapters 9 & 10 from KLN & FA.
I'm very tired, chapter 10 fried my
See ya tomorrow guys!!!
Have a great night !!!!


Today I've studied chapters 11 & 12....
OMG !!!!....what was that???confusedconfusedshockedshockedshockedshocked
Those chapters remember me why I hate Biochemestry disapprovaldisapprovaldisapproval
.....I really need to understand those chapters from A to tomorrow I'm gonna study those chapters again nodconfused
.....I think I need to repeat this to myself:
I love biochem
I love biochem
I live biochem
I love biochem
I love biochem ....hahaha
Good luck to me!!
Good night!!!



good luck to utoo!!


makeitorbreakit wrote:

good luck to utoo!!

Thnx makeitorbreakit !!!
Same to u wink


Today (wednesday 9/10/14)
I've studied chapter 11 again confused
And I'm studying ch12 right now
I love biochem
I love biochem
I love biochem
I love biochem
I love biochem
shaking headshaking headshaking headshaking headshaking headshaking headshaking head

Good luck everybody and keep going!!!

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