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 My Step 3 Journal  

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thanks Grazie ...wish you all the best my dear you deserve a big passing score
let's do it .....GOOD LUCK nod nodnod


hello Grazie ,hope you are studyingnod
I have a question please did you approach ccs part at the beginning ,I just subscribed to uw ccs but still don't know how to work on it,any advise would be appreciated thanks in advance
good nightsmiling face


Thank you Graziegrin,you are right about the master the boards videos!! I got my subscription too..lets make the study fun!

Dr. fisher and Dr Niket are awesomenodnod!
Dr August is ok for peds and ob/gyn but still usefulraised eyebrowraised eyebrow

Good luck in your preparation!

Have a productive day everyone!

smiling facesmiling facesmiling facesmiling face


Hey guys,

I just wanted to share this discussion threads I made for NBME FORM 2

If you haven't taken it yet don't be curious about it but if you took it, this can help you to review those topics, on the last block I had a problem because I wasn't able to record my right answers but still, it can help you to review

Block 1

Block 2

Block 3





I will try to make like a mini tutorial ok
I was getting nuts with this too but a good friend guided me through it, she is such an angel.

Let's start with an easy case, wait I will BRB


By Grazie J

First Screen: time allowed for the case

Second Screen: Short presentation of the Pt + CC

More information regarding the patient, be aware of the LOCATION (Office, ER) keep this in mind to make your moves, to ICU, Hospital Ward or Home.

VITALS: Detect the red flags, Unstable? So you can start with orders right away to stabilize the pt before you do a Physical Exam

Next Screen you are on your own:

You have 4 boxes to interact with:
If Pt is not stable, start by ORDERS right away, like SatO2, Cardiac Monitor, BP monitor, IV access, etc

If Pt is stable, start by Physical Exam.(1st Box Left)

Get the results: On the “Clock Box” click and mark “Next available test”, then you get the results and this will guide you through the current medical condition and give you more clues on what to do next.

Next, ORDER what the patient needs, Imaging studies, Fluids or Medicine, according to your patient needs and to make a Dx.

Now be aware about LOCATIONS, move the Pt if you have to do it, To: ICU, Ward, or send the Pt home.

If sending the Pt to ICU or Ward send your orders too, if the Pt goes home, do counseling and orders too.

Check the Pt to see if there is improvements. (1st box left, Interval follow up)

You will have to do this fast because the time moves fast and you don’t want to get caught in the middle of your management

When your time has 2 minutes left, a screen will pop up telling you to finish the case. Write your last orders, consult to specialist or whatever you still have to do.

Watch the time and Leave few some seconds to write your Diagnosis.

I think that's kind of how it works


Grazie you are an angel thanks so muchnod
I will start the cases and see grin


Last weeks

Let's do our best


good luck best wishes for younod


Hey Confidence,

Yes, I will need all the good luck possible. My exam is coming and I am doubting about taking it, oh boy! I wanted to take the exam before they change the format but I don't know now :s I am really freaking out

Going through high yields, CCS and nbme's. Goota do what you gotta do


Hi Grazie how are you
to tell you the truth I don't know what is happening with this step 3 ,may be just burnt out from the previous steps ...anyway I'm trying to do my best each day grin
dear Grazie can do it just push a lil bit you will be fine don't be trapped in the new format it looks scarysticking out tongue ,you did well in ck so just be confortable with ccs and you will nail it
good luck my dear best luck prayers with you nod


Hey Grazie,

Good luck for your exam. Don't be worried about the new format just keep calm and be confident and do your best.


Hi Grazie
hw r u ?
all my best wishes for the exam
ull do great wink


Hi Grazie....what's up ...did you take the test?????
good luck


Hey Journal,

I am back, not happy at all. Well, I took the exam and guess what? ... nothing! I wish I just waited to feel more comfortable with the exam but mom was leaving soon and I decided to take a chance, and well, didn't come out as planned but I won't give up. I was pretty close, anyway, I had a little hope since my uwsa said I would pass but nope. I was sad for few hours after knowing the results but there is nothing I can do about it. Instead, I can start working hard and organized with all my study tools to nail this test. I know what I have to do now, it will take me probably couple of weeks to do some personal stuff and I will be back after that.

I have no idea how this exam is going to be. I heard Fischer has a new book for step 3 new format, I guess I have to get it. And for CCS I want to get mdconsult, they actually score you.

Confidence, hang in there amiga, there are many things we just can't change, but I know if we study hard and focus on the goal, we will get this done.

Starting Over!!! ..... to be continued...


so sorry Grazie to hear that... don't let this discourage you ....let's do it ,we can do it ...good luck..come back soonnodnodnod

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