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 My Step 3 Journal  

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My Step 3 Journal

Hi there,

After a long gap after my CK I will go back to my study mood and hopefully be done soon with this test asap

1) I plan to use Fischer Material, we all know he rocks wink and his study sources are so fun to follow, so, I will stick to the peladito (baldy) wink : MTB, MTB videos online, Fischer Flashcards
2) USMLEWORLD, mandatory!
3) After a month, NBME (both forms)
4) Archer CCS online, I heard is one of the best.

Okay, let's get started

Cardio, here we go


Some family health issues is leaving me behind but I will get back full time asap

Some cardio stuff:

Edited by Grazie on Aug 02, 2014 - 8:58 AM


After a week! Oh boy! I wish I could just go to a cave and study there without any other responsibilities, but this is life and we have to face it. Hopefully nothing else will come in the way

Still in cardio...


I plan to be done with Cardio tomorrow, I have to put social stuff aside and turn to totally focus mood
Doing MTB videos online and MTB Book. I have to do like 150 questions at least this weekend Wish me good luck guys


Hey grazie !
Can you plz tell me that you are preparing for the new format of step 3 exam and do you have any idea what additional resources could be required .


to Step3ace:
I am hoping to take the exam before November so I am not preparing for the new format but if you are aiming to take the new format exam, I think Fischer is releasing a new book for this new format, is coming soon on amazon. I am sorry I have no idea what new additions they are making to this new step 3 format.

Good luck on your prep.


Trying to finish UW Cardio questions today So far, okay I guess? But sure I can improve the scores.
Have a nice study time!


Super cute!


Good morning guys smiling face

Still doing Cardio sad I hate when I have to stop studying because I have to go back to real life, but this is life, real life smiling face so let's make the best use of our studying hours.

List to do today:

- Finish reading Cardio MTB (Rhythm Disorders is left)
- Do as much questions from UW as I can (min 100) and hopefully finish today, with review of qs and notes
- Do 5 cases of CCS from UW

At the library with a study partner right now smiling face it's nice to study with someone.

Happy studying everybody! smiling face



Hey Grazie,

I Hope you accomplish your goal for today! Im also preparing for step 3 and maybe we can share some tips for the last step of the USMLE!

I'll go back to study,

smiling face


Thank you steps123

I am trying to keep on track but this cardio subject is taking too much of my time, I still need to do lots of question so let's keep moving


Here is a motivation for you Grazie and everyone who is taking step 3 before the changes!

Do you know how the new format for the step 3 would look like ??

Day1....Basic science correlate questions( step1 flashbacks...shaking headshaking headshaking head:nosmiling face
Day2.... Morning clinical cases question, more like the ones we know already
Afternoon CCS CASES

I don't know about you guys but definitely I would rather stay away from basic science flashback ...and that makes me just study harder and harder!

Have a productive day studying everyone!!



Thank you Steps123

I guess we better be done with this before the new changes take place
I am sticking to Master Fischer Materials it's a lot more fun than any other stuff around, I just hate when I lose track on my studies Actually I recently attended his cramathon in NY, that was pretty motivating So, less talking and more action, let's get those concepts down

I think I will take an nbme exam soon, just so I know where I am standing I will still have time to fix my weak areas, the sooner the better!

Thanks again steps123, that was some wake up call

Happy study time


Hi Journal

I kind of made my last month fix, I really need to optimize my study hours and get anything not related to Step 3 out of the way I know I can do this and I will.

So, let's really stick to this Last Month Step 3 Plan
Reading Infecto right now.
Come back later!


Ok, I took an nbme, not so happy about the results , but I have one whole month to reinforce my weak areas. It's now or never! Only Step 3 in my mind, I deactivated my Fb account, I don't need any distractions right now and sad news really depressed me. So no more stuff from the world, just focus on step 3.

I can do this, I just need to really focus and optimize my study hours


My Plan for today:
Finish solving the questions of the nbme exam I took. I am on the 3rd block 3/5, hopefully I can be done with that today.

While preparing for this exam, sometimes I just wish I could go to a cave with my study tools, no distractions or family stuff and just study like crazy but this is life and we have to face it

Okay, let's optimize our time left and do the best we can


good luck for step 3 i really impressed with your struggle being mom i can understand what you are going through.

wish you happy study day


Hey Grazie,

I wanted to ask you if the master the board media o aka '' Fisher Videos " Are good and helpful.Its kind of expensive but I may need to buy it so please let me know if they are worth buying it.

Have a nice day EVERYONE!





I know people that can be sitting for hours with a book and a cup of coffee, and study like crazy, focus 99% of the time and they do great! For me, I just can't! I always needed that colorful, interactive and fun way when I study. Fischer is crazy, but he knows his stuff and the most important, he knows how to transmit it. His silly songs and repetitive jokes, they just stick to your brain. In this course he has 2 other people, but he does most of the lectures. If you are reading MTB, this is a great complement. I know is expensive, too bad you missed a good deal he had last week. If you have facebook add him, he always come with great deals.

No, I don't work for him smiling face I know him from the lectures but I don't get any free stuff for promoting his study materials. As I said before, different things work for different people.


Dear Journal,

The date is getting closer and I am freaking out! but I know this won't help So let's calm down and do the best we can. Solving questions and lots of CCS.
I want to go through Archer material for CCS, people have recommended this and also Premier, oh boy! I want to feel really good about all CCS from UW first.

Ok let's keep practicing ...

I am so glad to see Confidence back

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