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33 yr old male presented with a skin lesion which was well defined with peripheral active nodules and central scarring. He gives history of reddish brown plaques. On diascopy the lesion was yellowish. What condition does he likely have?

A. Leishmaniasis
B. Boderline leprosy
C. Ringworm
D. Lupus vulgaris


Answer is: D) lupus vulgaris; so im askung similar questions here, ones that get u confused, if the final question in the same scenario was, 1)low socioeconomic background with an annular lesion with itchy and erythamatous center what would your answer be? 2) active nodules with crusting in the center and 3)nodules with an anesthetic patch on the center?
I hope people understand that i'm trying to cover 4 diseases with almost similar looking lesions(at least as far as the questions concern).


Thanks to share this interesting article. skin lesion is a change in skin character. It is a kind of skin problem. Mainly skin Lesion problem is treated by causes of concern. It can be treated by chemical peels and by skin Biopsy..

hair loss and hair loss problem

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