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 Customized Residency Program List  

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2015 Customized Residency Program Lists: FAQS

Q: What’s the benefit to using your lists?
A: IMGPrep will provide you with CUSTOMIZED residency program lists you qualify for. All you have to do is enter your qualifications into our system: our database will build you a customized list of programs to apply to, eliminating the need to waste your time and money applying to programs that are not applicable.

Q: How will your customized residency program lists help me save time and money?

A: With your customized residency list, you will know exactly which programs you should bother applying to. There will be no more need to waste valuable time on the phone with programs that won’t consider your application; you won’t pay costly fees applying to programs that don’t work for you.

Q: But isn’t all this information public knowledge? Why should I spend money on this if I could call the program myself and find out the information?

A: While most of the information is public knowledge, IMGPrep’s team has spent hundreds of hours researching more than 3500 programs and nearly 40 specialties in an effort to build the most comprehensive database available. A single applicant will only be able to amass information about a few dozen programs, at best: put IMGPrep’s database to work for you!

Q: What sort of information does the IMGPrep system check for?

A: Our database will check your USMLE scores, visa status, the time elapsed since graduation, California letter status, if you’ve had US clinical experience, and more, and will then cross-reference your qualifications against the programs’ requirements, giving you a customized list of programs. We’ll also let you know if the program is known for being IMG-friendly, an important fact that most databases don’t check for.

We have added, PDF files to each program

Who are the current residents PHOTOS ( important to see if Current residents are from your country or school )
Alumni who are they where are they now ( important if you want to see the history of graduates and what they end up doing )
Fellowships offered ( Important programs with fellowships provide unique opportunities and experiences for advanced training and exposure )
About the geographic area
Percentage IMGs
Is the program Opposed or unopposed for Family Medicine Programs ( To know the nature of training in the program
Letter from the Program Director
Attempts per Step
Do you have to have your ECFMG in hand to obtain an interview?
Does the program offer Observerships or Clinical experience?
What does the program say about US clinical experience?

Q: Can these customized residency program lists help me decide which specialty to apply for?
A: Our lists are tailored to specific specialties: you can compare availability of open positions to help you decide which specialty you’d like to focus on.

Also, each applicant will have a 15-minute phone call to review the best way to utilize their lists and tips on how most effectively communicate with the residency program. Each applicant will also receive a Unique webpage for their own personal information with a unique URL this allows them to have an electronic CV to utilize while communicating with programs or any professional related activities.

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There were over 17,000 medical school graduates last year in the U.S. and almost 1,000 students did not get matched to a residency program due to the federal cap. Medical schools are enrolling even more students every year, but the number of available residencies is not expected to increase in the short-term. That means even more competition for graduates.

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