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 the final lap  

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74 daysgrin
**gyneco /obs uw
**mixed block
**ccs cases
** biostat qs
smiling facesmiling facesmiling facesmiling facesmiling facesmiling facesmiling facesmiling facesmiling facesmiling face


73 days gringringrin


72 days.............


71 days
neuro uw qs
mixed block
ccs practice


70 days
same plan for today


27 days leftraised eyebrow

**Kaplan qbank 1 block internal medicine
**uw qbank 1block mixed
**ccs cases 3
**review nbme form3 1/2 block
wish me lucksmiling facesmiling face


ccs case PCOD
office case pt presents with hirsutism
1-complete P.ex
urine 17ketosteroid,24h urine cortisol
pelvic &abdominal usg
send pt home +apt
when diagnostic confirmed
ocp (low etro/low proges)
lip profile
diet low calor/low fat
no smok
no alcoh
safe sex
pap smear

diagnostic polycystic ovarian disease
good nightsmiling face


26 days.....
starting with Kaplan 1 block


done 1 block Kaplan
1 block uw


Hey in case am busy since summer here, GL for ur exm day nod

Might not come to forum much , busy summer and study side by side .

Which MTB edition u r using ? Any changes from old one the 1st edition ?


hello shwe ,how are you my friend
thank you for your wishes ...I've postponed this exam 3 times ..let see how it'll go
for mtb3 there is a 3ed edition with some " Basic Science Correlate" added to the old one but not that much
good luck to you and happy summer smiling face


done 1 block Kaplan ...still doing silly mistakesmad
next reading the explanations


I've been working on uwqs(1 block) reading the answers is time consuming but definitely worth it ,6days left for my subscription and cant renew shaking head
next ccs after a break


5 ccs cases done ...
don't forget incentive spirometry in sickle pt with chest pain and cough
bhcg pap smear in any female with pelvic pain
tsh rpr in dementia
ct w/o contrast before giving aspirin to pt with TIA

my subscription to uwccs expired, so was doing the readout that I had printed out , bought this mapping ccs I don't like it that much but eh something to work with until the big day along with the premium cases


Thnx for ur reply re mtb.

Am ok , so far studying but busy summer too .

Happy summer and GL to ur exm nodcoolnodsmiling facenodgrinnodwink


starting with Kaplan 1 block

hi shwe're welcome dear ... have a great daynod


so far done with Kaplan qs and uw 1 block


23 days....august1st shockedshockedshocked
still a lot to do


22 days..................


21 days.....

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