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 the final lap  

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good morning forum
Hi Grazie welcome back dear ...thank you for the link ...I have too much stuff already I don't think i'll have time to look at them all so I restrict the study material to mainly uw (qbank,ccs ),mtb 3 (3d edition ) for now I ''l see if I add something later
was listening to archer lectures but it takes too long, I prefer rather do qs ( I learn better from the qs as I cant focus much with lectures.. i end up sleeping most of the timegrin ) ...
I think it's time for us to take this thing seriously ...let move along well, Let support, motivate each other here & there
Wish you good stamina and will check on you


*will be continuing surgery today
*ccs cases almost done with the 2d reading for readout and the practice ones
*biostat 10 qs
*review cardio (2days left)
see younod...........let's do it nodnodnod


march,6th plan:
*pneumo review
*ccs cases


*opioids overdose........>miosis
*opioids withdrawal.......>mydriasis
*cocaine , amphetamines ,tricyclics....>mydriasis


good morning ,
I'm trying to follow my daily plan even though I cant always post my progress here due to some disturbing events ....
doing psychiatry and uw qs these days along ccs
good luck to everyone smiling face stay focused nod


**Panic disorder sticking out tongueresents with a clear precipitating event
** social phobia :has no clear precipitating cause trt :SSRIs and buspirone
** GAD, multiple life circumstances,not just one, are causing the anxiety
trt: Venlafaxine, other SSRIS, and buspirone


see you Monday guys count down will start raised eyebrow
didnt do anything today was out most of the daydisapproval


wow finally I matched gringringringringringringringringringringringringringringringringrin

just kidding not even close shaking headshaking headshaking headshaking headshaking headshaking headshaking headshaking headshaking head...wasted the whole day yesterday for nothingsad continue nodnodnod

pneumo uw 1 block
mixed block cardio,psychiatry
review of wrong qs cardio,psychiatry,pneumo
ccs practice 3 cases ,read 3 cases
mtb3 10 pages


79 days

pediatrics uw qs
ccs cases +readout
mixed uw qs & review
mtb3 10pages
biostast 5 qs


no pediatrics in uw qbankshockedshockedshockedshockedshockedshockedshockedshockedshocked


ok .....will do endocrino coolmad


It's really nice to see you back here.


78 days
plan for today:
**endocrino uw qs
**ccs cases and readout
**mixed block uw
**biostat5 qs
**mtb3 10pages

Ashbaugh ...thanks for stopping by smiling face...good luck to you too


will be finishing endocrino today
ccs cases &readout practice
mixed uw qs
HAPPY SPRINGgringringrin


Really no ped q in uw QB ??

Hey good to hear high spirit saying finally I matched sticking out tongue that is cool he he that is ur sign for coming yr nod

Hey looking forward to get tips after ur st 3 , how it comes... said st 1 over lap so , do let me knwo what do they mean....... just micro infection and epidemio, stats and ethics ........ just all my imagination, no one said so in hard and stone grin

Keep going pl pm me ur e mail and skype id so w ecan keep in touch since u r at ur last run then off form this forum, thnx smiling face

Hi Grazie smiling face

GL in ur st 3 study and testnod

Happy spring , here grey and rain and cold grin
NYC is snowsticking out tongue


hey shwe happy to see you here visiting nod
yes indeed ,no pediatrics (as a subject) in this new version of uw step3 qbank...I don't know why??? we do have the qs though
I cant wait to finish this step my friend tired from studying rolling eyes...
for the changes I think it 's around biosta &add (increase number ) ;physio;and bioch... I think it would be better to take step3 just after step1
I'm in PA it was snowy day yesterday here too and the school was closed ,but it's still spring nodnod
good luck ,see yousmiling facesmiling facesmiling facesmiling face



Happy spring or happy snow days sticking out tongue kidding grin

Biostat ... fine , what is add ?? But Biochem ... give me a break , it's nothing for clinical except some clinical disease but do we need to go to basics then why not scrap the st 1 totally just CS , CK and st 3 since CK , st 3 will have relavent basic Sc . Physio persae no way , but pathophysio that is the clinical based on so ... bring it on ... just not too down to basic physio like Gyton, Ganong ... with too many physio basic formula ....... sorry to vent here sis......... after all, we cannot do any, just have to hope for the best way of Q chnages and ... study styudy ...

GO for it.

They seems want us do all 3 steps in 1 yr , not for IMG and mom though.
God pl have a mercy .grinnod
For sure st 3 shall not wiat to take during residency who will ahve time flip the st 1 books and st 1 keep changing lots new update as per science reserach fileds keep digging teh molecular , cellular level correlated with clinicals.

So cannot give away st 1 and we cannot buy or get hands down of used st 1 materials, books sad

Yes they shall let us take st 3 after st 1 then we will do CK , CS that's better which is not they set the exm sequences.confused

Anyway ......... study well ... v close so ur time may not have much st 1 integration ......... hmm RR 4th seems written in this future st 3 exm style .Mr Golj we could not skip though most of us trying switch to more concise, short simple Pathoma.

GL nodcoolnodgrinnodwinknodsmiling face
In case forget to coem wish u luck , here I will wish u v best of luck on ur st 3 and finished the preresidency exms ... cause board exm , service exm ........ try to poke you , tease u just that's all ........... Cheers ...
Happy healthy success studying nodcoolnod


totally agree with you sis....I don't know exactly the mean of adding more biostat ,I understand that physiopath is important when it comes to manage and treat cases but biostatshaking head
I meant ads(not add) sorry grin
yes for now I don't know exactly what to review from step1...the uw qbank is updated to match the new format step3...I hope it will work will have my feed back after the exam
thank you dear for your wishes, good luck to you as well ,study well

75 days


Oh biostat ad means st 2 new format like drug , research those biostat bar and then interpretation may be not as calculation formula, u done ck so that it is... so for research in MD physician life after residency .

Ok , UW has new so count on it and keep studying .

GL nodnodgrinnodwinknodsmiling face


yeap I will ..thanks a lot sis...see you tomorrow ...doing ccs cases grin

stay healthynodnodnodnodnodnodnodnod

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