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 the final lap  

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hello forum....

Officially i'll start my preparation on Monday even though I'm not sure yet when i'll take the test but will try to sit for it before october
since my subscription for uw begins Monday i will read my first subject :cardio fromMTB3
wish me luck


hello forum..
day1 may 19th
review cardio from mtb
uw qs timed ...

will update later...see yougrin
wish me lucksmiling face


hello forum
for day 2...did uw q timed and unused cardio
read MTB and FA cardio...watched some lecture on youtube

day 3
just finished a small block cardio ...will be reading the explanations
see you laternod



doing pneumo grin


will be continuing pneumo todaygrin


hello forum
just got done with pneumo from CK and mtb3 these last 2 days ...hopefully will be able to be done with it in 2 more days..... will be doing uwqs timed unused
see yusmiling face


I cant believe it.... only 54 questions of resp systemshocked...not enough uw... not enough to practiceshaking head ...anyway done with 1 block still to do the remaining few qs


hello forum
I'm done with respiratory system, need some extra review though...the next subject will be endocrino here we go for some lecture from mtb3 then uw qs...
see you latergrin


hi confidence ,
hw r u dr ?
I just noticed ur journal
I wish u all the best dear
have a happy and productive day


hello Drzina how are you doing sis...
thank you for stopping by wishes for you as well... good lucknod


hello forum
will be continuing endocrino for today... few pages from premier notes then uw timed nod
yesterday read mtb3 endocrino and few notes from ck ...
if time permit will review some cardio and resp notes
see yougrin


hello forum
will be continuing with uw questions endocrino grin


hello forum
as you surely noticed the step3 forum disappeared for the last few days and now is back finallynod
actually doing rheumato qs from uw timed mode


hello forumsmiling facesmiling face
done with endocrinogrin
now doing inf dzs...still reading PR ...then will start uwqs.....
good lucksmiling facesmiling face


Hi confidence


hi dear shwe how are you??? thank you for stopping bysmiling facesmiling face


Hi , good to see you at step 3 in action.

You're wlcome.

Am ok, not so bad but not at the pace , moment, situation want to be ... that's life & am surviving nod

As you know CS done, & back to st 1 ... fighting while also try to get good health with last worst winter wink

Will pm u to exchange e mail, so we can keep in touch since after st 3 you'll be free from this forum like other good old friends wink

GL to ur last USMLE wink

GL GL GL Happy Healthy Success study to menod, usnod, all nod


I wish i have same motivation as you....keep up good work


back to step3 after a long let's go
*uw qs mixed and timed ...1 block done 63%confused
now reading explanations


Hey Confidence

So glad to see you back

Let's do this amiga!

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