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 Indomethacin's journal Passed 244  

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@ Bakita, Kaplan + FA + UW is pretty much all that helped me. The anatomy questions were pretty ridiculous on my exam. I will explain more once I write my experience.

@ India ink, Thanks man! Yes, I am taking Step 2 CK real soon.

@shwe, thanks. Hope studying is going well.


Thanks for answering my Q Indomethacin smiling face
Good luck with Step2 CK wink


You're welcome indo ... thnx and GL to ur CK with dream score toonod


STEP 1 experience thread:


STEP 2 CK Experience thread

Every day. You must study every day. No breaks.

Wish everyone much success.

Edited by indomethacin on Aug 21, 2015 - 6:52 PM


Congratulations fr CK , good score !

GL in ur CS ... almost done all ECFMG winknod

Thnx for the CK and st 1 exm links.

Pl check CS in this forum including mine wink
Lots of good links from this forum I link in mine too .

Study hard, well for CS .
It has to be doing v well and practice several times for all cases and each books, not liek others said just do it and get in exm room .

Most needed study time , attentions than any other usmle exm is CS on top of have to be groom, professional, pleasant ... not in exm style but in good clinic nice good eddicient , confident, charm, calm , but smart and cheerful [ depends on teh cases ] Dr's style .

Go for it when u r ready for CS , pl do not rush to take it .
Be sure u know and can do all cases from all resources well without hesitations and also very comfortable with all from intro, hx, PE, councelling to PN smiling face

GL nod



Edited by indomethacin on Sep 24, 2015 - 6:19 PM




Harayyyyyyyyyyyy ...congratulations! CS done ..... actually all ECFMG done . Bye bye to it and u r officially ECFMG certified ...... go for st 3 then get into residency . nod

Will check ur exm and other threads later.

Very busy summer on top of studying .

Latersmiling face
Pl hold onto ur study materials , I might like to ask, or need them, thnx.wink

GL to menod, usnod, all nod


Hey everyone,

I have put up a new video on my account as a blog, sharing my story of how I was able to do get into medical school, follow my dreams and do well.
This channel is mostly for USMLE examination advice for all medical students as well as graduates, and am very hopeful that this will help.

Let me know what you guys think. Cheers!


How to prepare for USMLE Step 1.


Never Fail the USMLE Ever Again.


How to prepare for USMLE Step 2 CK

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