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 Indomethacin's journal Passed 244  

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- Finished CVS FA & finished Pharm FA.

- Rereading 2nd read of Live lecture notes Pharm.

- Reviewed different types of Urinary Incontinence (Thanks indiaink!)
- Reviewed pictures of scolex, scabies and treatment options + side effects. (Thanks pholston from SDN! although never interacted with the person in any way.)
- Reviewed diseases associated with MVP. (Own random thought.)
- Reviewed Vit E anticoagulant effects in conjunction with Warfarin. (Needed to double check this one.)

- Finished 138 Qs in UW.
Will review these tomorrow, did not get a chance to review them today.

8 days out.


- Reviewed 138 UW Qs from yesterday.

- Finished FA Path & FA Immuno.

- Read part of live lecture notes Pharmacology section.

- Did & reviewed 138 UW Qs today.

- Reviewed Pelvic anatomy from KLN anatomy book. (Thanks again indiaink!)

Will take my final NBME 16 tomorrow along with 3 blocks of FA Q&A to simulate real exam.

7 days out!


- Did NBME 16 + 3 blocks of FA Q&A today.

Although I did not get the score I was aiming for, I am very thankful for the grade I have received.

- Completed review of WRONG answers ONLY from the 3 test blocks #4, #5, and #6 from FA Q&A.

Will update later.

6 days out.



- Finished Micro FA.

- Finished 2nd read live lecture notes pharm.
Just have behavioral science live lecture notes.

- Did & reviewed 138 Qs in UW, did not make any notes today due to time crunch. Have to sleep on time.

Was unable to review my NBME yesterday and today, I must complete the NBME 16 review tomorrow.

5 days out.


- Finished Biochem FA, marks 7th read of FA. coolcoolcoolcoolcoolcoolcool

- Did & reviewed remaining 87 UW Qs, marks completion 3rd pass UW. coolcoolcool

- Finished 2nd read of live lecture notes. coolcool

- Finished review ALL WRONG answers of NBME 16.

Misread a few, could have potentially avoided a few other mistakes, but overall very thankful that I was able to complete all assessments online.

4 days out.

Edited by indomethacin on Dec 14, 2014 - 7:24 PM


- Read Behavioral Science FA.

- Did Behavioral Science, GI, Musculoskeletal, and Immuno qs from FA Q&A a total of 150 Qs. Reviewed wrong answers ONLY.

- Reviewed random tidbits of Repro from FA.

- Did webpath gross images & mris for neuroanatomy, and looked through brainstem sections from Anatomy Kaplan LN.

Will do Free 150 tomorrow + 1 block of FA Q&A.

Feeling fairly calm about things actually.

3 days out



More of Henry Lau playing Michael Jackson Smooth Criminal on the violin:

Talented guy, very inspired by him.

Edited by indomethacin on Dec 15, 2014 - 7:16 PM


- Did Free 150 + 1 block FA Q&A.

Made some really, really horrendous mistakes in Free 150.

I am very thankful that I made those mistakes now, and I will be prepared never to make those same mistakes again especially on the day of the exam.

Going to stay strong and review these questions, will update later.


I am so thankful for my mistakes on the free 150 today, it helped clarify countless scenarios that were originally 50/50 scenarios for me.

Many thanks to radsident from SDN, and his explanations on the free 150. (Once again never had contact with this individual in any way, but very appreciative of his work.)

After going through the mistakes for the concepts, I realized that I can otherwise explain them very well. I just didn't realize that I had a few doubts in the facts. Very thankful they got cleared up today.

I believe with all my heart that things will be okay.

This and a bunch of other related videos helped me pick myself up right away today. Never give up!

Motivational video: FEAR AND SUCCESS ft. Greg Plitt and Les Brown

Edited by indomethacin on Dec 16, 2014 - 12:20 PM


- Read some behavioral science child milestones from BRS Behavioral Science.

- Read about skin cancers.

2 days until exam.

Plan on reading FA Rapid Review Section, along with reading ALL NBME notes I made regarding my mistakes tomorrow.

Will try to study till about 3 pm tomorrow. Then will relax for the rest of the evening.


- Read rapid review section in FA.

- Skimmed pages to find my NBME notes in FA and read them again, which thankfully I put purple asterixes next to.

Although, I would recommend those little color page book markers instead, as I do feel I may have missed some NBME notes while flipping the pages.

- Printed out my scheduling permit.

Going to get myself some cereal bars for tomorrow and will pack my food also for tomorrow.

I probably will look over a few neuroanatomy cross section again later tonight, but as of now, I want to keep the studying really light.

I don't plan on doing any questions today.

I am going to get into that test center tomorrow with the confidence of the things that I know and give it my all.

Exam tomorrow.

Edited by indomethacin on Dec 17, 2014 - 11:42 AM


Hey man, good luck! I guess we're taking the exam on the same day (different time zones though). I'm sure all your hard work will pay off. Just keep your nerves in check and you should be fine (at least for me, that's the case).

Good luck again!


Hey guys, kinda busy with some stuff, but just wanted to update quickly.

First two blocks felt like UW, blocks 3,4,5,6, and 7 questions were harder tan NBMEs, questions were minimum 8-15 lines. Had 3-4 anatomy qs per block that were a bit wierd, and also 2-3 qs per block I'd never seen before.

Aside from that I felt it was doable exam with a very strict time constraint. Very important to remain calm as I made 6-7 stupid mistakes that I otherwise knew very well due to stress.

Many thanks to India Ink, had 10 qs on urinary incontinence and treatments and pathogenesis! Also had neuroanatomy brainstem gross sections as you mentioned.

Keeping a positive attitude, I'd like to think that overall it went good. We'll see what happens.


Congrats on being done with the test. It must be a huge relief.


Good to know you have done, seems v well .

Just back to study soon after family gathering .wink

GL for your dream scorenod


Hi Indomethacin!!!!!
I just read u took ur step1....CONGRATULATIONS MY FRIEND!!!!
I'm really happy for u and Qirkergaard.
U guys did a great job.
Keep up the good work
Good luck with the other STEPS!!!!


Hi Indomethacin!!!!!
I just read u took ur step1....CONGRATULATIONS MY FRIEND!!!!
I'm really happy for u and Qirkergaard.
U guys did a great job.
Keep up the good work
Good luck with the other STEPS!!!!


Hey guys, I've been trying to post here for the longest time, but have been unable to do so.

I am very thankful to God that I passed with a 244.

(Before Step studying to see where I stood, major let down. Gave me intense strength and motivation to push myself forward.)

NBME Comprehensive

(30 days after MD 5 spending time mostly at home, Major Freak out! Notice the trend in grades? Don't take breaks/become complacent in between step studying! In my humble opinion.)







Free 150
Predicted: 244

Real Deal
Pass: 244

As you all can clearly see, I am no genius. I worked my way up the ranks in these 7 months.

If I can do it anyone can do it.

Be true to yourself, sacrifice a few months of your life without any distractions, study consistently everyday even if its for 4.5-5 hours, only then will this exam be slain.

I will NOT respond to any pms, also will NOT answer any lengthy questions. I am currently very busy.

I will write an experience thread when I get around to it. Major purpose of this post is that I wanted to give back to the community and show the people that were following my thread that this is the result of my studying.

Thanks for all the support guys, best of luck in your prep!

Edited by indomethacin on Apr 05, 2015 - 12:19 PM


Congratulations my friend!!!!!
I'm so happy for u
Your hard work paid off

I just wanted to ask:
Is kaplan + FA + UW enough for anatomy?

Thank u and keep up the good work


Hey!!! Just saw your score! Congrats! You did great! Now on to Step 2...I think I saw your journal on SDN. Will follow for sure. Keep it up smiling face

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