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 Indomethacin's journal Passed 244  

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- Read live lecture notes for today.

- Finished Biochem FA, started reading Neuro FA.

- Read 10 pgs Clinical Vignettes Anatomy

Realized that I am good for the clinical aspect of anatomy, and need more work on orientation of structure locations.

Therefore, will probably reread HY Gross Anatomy instead.

- Did 92 questions UW, reviewed 46 questions. Remaining 46 questions left to review before I go to sleep.


Reviewed the 46 questions, got couple wrong here and there, trying to minimize mistakes as best as I can.

Edited by indomethacin on Nov 19, 2014 - 10:16 PM


- Read live lectures for today.

- Did & reviewed 92 questions of UW and went over ALL explanations.

- Read 10 pgs of FA.

Not happy with the amount of FA pages I've been reading lately. Will finish reading the neuro FA section tomorrow.


GL in ur exm .
I will be away by time so let me wish you ahead .

re anatomy ... kap LN , HY for basic but seems k QB is more detail, complete for basic anatomical relation and apart from k qb , wiki and google too grin

GL on ur D day nodsmiling facenodcoolnodgrinnod


@shwe, Thanks man I appreciate that. Good luck to you as well.


- Read live lecture notes.

- Read 20 pgs FA.

- Did & reviewed ALL explanations for 46 Qs of UW, made notes again on wrong and marked questions.


- Read live lecture notes.

- Finished reading FA Neuro section, started Micro.

- Finished 46 questions UW, now have to review and make notes before bed. Had class from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm today, so it's been exhausting. But very thankful for it.


Finished reviewing block, now it's off to bed.

Edited by indomethacin on Nov 22, 2014 - 10:14 PM


- Read live lecture notes for today.

- Read 5 pgs FA.

Not ecstatic about the amount of FA I read today.

- Did & Reviewed UW 30 Qs, I make sure I explain to myself every mechanism for every right answer before I pick it. If I am unable to do so, I mark the question. Things have been going a bit slow.

Will pick things up tomorrow for sure, will keep pushing in this last stretch.


- Read 140 pages of KLN of gross anatomy section. Did not read the head and neck section.

Skimming through pages is a horrible idea, it's only acceptable if one is looking at pictures only IMO. That day where I skimmed the anatomy book, I did not recall much aside from the pictures when I was reading it again today. So lesson learned.

Will takes UWSA 2 tomorrow, going for as high of a score as humanly possible.

I got a good feeling about this.


- Took UWSA 2 today, has been one of my highest scores to date.

Although it is still not as high as I would have liked, I can feel myself steps away from my goal. I know it's a distance I can cover.

Also, this score was a VAST improvement over UWSA 1.

I know these UWSAs overestimates by 20 points or so. But if history serves right, people who break high scores on UWSA towards the end of their prep usually have decent correlation with their actual score.

I am not trying to give myself false assurance with this high UWSA grade, but I would like to think that all of my studying habits are steps in the right direction.

Things are going to be good, I can feel it.

Will take today to review these 184 questions, make notes, and read a little bit of first aid.

Will update later.


Got caught up with chores around the house and got very little done these past day or so.

- Read ALL explanations for UWSA 2 and made notes.

I feel much better after understanding my mistakes.

Will go off to starbucks tomorrow to study.

Plan for now:
1.) FA daily + 2-3 blocks of UW + Supplemental Kaplan Readings if need be.
2.) Will also review ALL live lecture notes before my next NBME.

In other news,
Still mesmerized and motivated by the talent and hard work of Henry Lau's song Fantastic:


- Read 21 pgs FA.

- Did 92 Qs UW, Reviewed explanations and made notes for first 46 questions.

Will update later.

Finished reviewing the 46 questions.

Was going to do more questions, but UW website is offline for some odd reason.

Last 3 days of Kaplan review course class. Will make the most of my time left.

Edited by indomethacin on Nov 27, 2014 - 9:44 PM



Don't know if I burnt myself out or what, but had a really bad day today.

- Read 10 pgs FA.
- Did 30 Qs UW

I felt I was running out of time for what I wanted to get accomplished, and reviewed the marked, and wrong answers only.


Today was a much better day.

- Read live lecture notes for today.

- Read 20 pgs FA.

- Did Kaplan Live Prep Behavioral Science Step 1 50 Q set.

Reviewed the marked and wrong answers ONLY.

Since my exam is literally 19 days away, I will most likely do as many questions as possible and review marked and wrong answers ONLY from this point forward.

When I do any question from this point forward. I am going to mentally explain the mechanism for how I got to the answer, and the mechanisms to why the other choices are wrong.

If I am unable to do this, I mark the question. If I am making an educated guess, I will mark the question. Since this is my 3rd run of UW, I'm shooting to understand every question inside out and minimize, if not eliminate any mistakes while doing the blocks.

Will update later.


- Did 46 UW Qs.

Reviewed marked and wrong answers.

Edited by indomethacin on Nov 29, 2014 - 10:21 PM


Last day of live lecture course, met few really cool people.

- Finished reading lecture notes for today.

- Finished 6th read FA. coolcoolcoolcoolcoolcool

- Did 46 qs UW.

18 days away!


- Finished Behavioral Science FA.

- Start 2nd pass read of Live Lecture notes, finished Biochem, started Physiology.

- Did 138 questions in UW, reviewed Marked and wrong answers ONLY.

Will take an NBME on Wednesday!


- Finished 2nd read Physio live lecture notes, started Anatomy.

- Finished Resp in FA.

This is my 7th read of FA btw.

- Did 138 UW Qs, reviewed marked and wrong ONLY.


- Did 2nd Read of Live Lecture Notes; finished Anatomy, started Microbiology.

- Finished Reproductive FA.

- Did 184 Qs UW, reviewed marked and wrong answers ONLY.

Not making any notes since this is my 3rd time through UW. Using this time to strongly understand the concepts that I may not have solidified the first two times.


- Did 2nd read live lectures finished Micro, started Path.

- Finished Renal & Psychiatry in FA.

- Did 138 Qs in UW, reviewed marked and wrong answers ONLY.

Held off a bit on it, but will take NBME 15 tomorrow.



- Did NBME 15 + 3 Test Blocks FA Q&A to simulate the exam.

Dropped about 10 points compared to my last assessment, was thoroughly disappointed with this score.

However, I am confident that after I review the mistakes, I will be able to cover my weaknesses and score better on my remaining NBME.

- Reviewed WRONG & UNSURE ANSWERS ONLY from FA Q&A Test Blocks 1-3.



- Finished Neuro FA.

- 2nd read part of Live Lecture Notes for Path.

- Reviewed all correct answers of NBME 15. Will review the mistakes tomorrow.

- Did 184 Qs in UW, reviewed mistakes and marked ONLY and made notes for 92 Qs of them, found myself tired out and just read the explanations for the remaining 92 Qs.

I started making notes again, because I feel the repetition with the physical rewriting of my mistakes helps solidify it even further.

Will work on getting more done tomorrow, will not give up. Took a bit of a hit to my confidence with this NBME 15 assessment. I am still in range though, I know I can do it.


- Finished Musculoskeletal & Hematology FA.

Very exhausting to read all this, and had me run out of time for everything else I would've liked to do today. Will stick to reading one section of First Aid a day.

- 2nd read, read part of live lecture notes Pathology.

- Did & reviewed 138 UW Qs.

Read the mistakes only and didn't actually make any notes; maintaining confidence that the mistakes I made will stick to me and I won't repeat them in the future.

Would have made notes but it would've taken a bit longer, and I already had a lack of sleep yesterday, so trying to get to bed earlier tonight.

Have yet to review my NBME 15 mistakes, will try to complete this tomorrow.

11 days out.


-Finished GIT FA. Started Endocrine FA.

- Read 2nd read part of Live Lecture Notes Pathology.

Have 3 sections left, and will have these notes reread and finished by the end of this week.

- Did & reviewed 138 Qs in UW. Made notes of any marked & wrong answers ONLY.

Was again unable to go over my NBME 15 mistakes. Took the wrong train and ended up spending two hours rather than the usual one hour to get home.

Trying to keep a decent sleeping schedule so I can be fresh throughout most of the day, so going to bed now.

Will most definitely have these mistakes completed tomorrow. Also, plan on taking my final NBME 16 on Friday.

10 days out


- Finished Endocrine FA. Started CVS FA.

- 2nd read Live lecture notes Finished Pathology. Started Pharm.

- Reviewed NBME 15 mistakes.

Stupid mistakes = 3

50/50 failures = 4

Rest of my mistakes I legitmately may have not known. Taking responsibility for all mistakes I made nonetheless.

I feel very much so enlightened after this review, I have a good feeling for my last NBME this friday.

- Did & reviewed marked and wrong answers ONLY from UW, did 138 Qs today.

9 days out.

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