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Hi, everyone!

I would like your help on this one: so, the adrenal medulla is responsible for 90% of the epinephrine blood level and the brain produces the other 10%. We have been told in class that there are no epinephrine deficiency syndromes (e.g. adrenal medullary deficiency or post bilateral adrenalectomy) as the 10% production of epi in the brain is more than enough. How can that be true? depriving the body of 90% of adrenaline production, wouldn't that drastically decrease cardiac output, resulting in heart failure, low bp? and what about our fight or flight reflex? Or do the adrenergic receptors up regulate and increase sensitivity to the very little remaining adrenaline and so there are no noticeable simptoms of adrenaline hyposecretion?


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