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 Dear Diary, here I come!  

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Finished almost all my targets for yesterday. Will do FA Heme/Onc today+ remaining 2 blocks of NBME 16 + finish HY NA (if I get the time).

# D left: 7


Finished yesterday's targets except for HY NA. Have a cousin's wedding to attend to that I can't miss, so I'll probably just go there for an hour.

Will do FA Psych + 2 blocks of NBME 13


Finished FA + DIT review. Did UWSA 2. Didn't get such a good score considering how so many folks say it's supposed to be ridiculously easy.

Will review UWSA 2 today + finish the last 1 block from FA Q&A comprehensive and review that.

# D left: 5


Finished yesterday's targets. Will do the FRED 150 q's today + review problematic topics in FA. If I get more time, I'll re-do NBME 13 or 15.

Update: Finished FRED 150 q's. Will review them today and tomorrow along with doing the problematic areas. Will also do a little from the FA HY facts at the end of FA.

# D left: 4 days

Edited by qirkergaard on Dec 15, 2014 - 6:40 AM


Finished reviewing FRED 150q's yesterday.

From now on until the day before the exam, I'll only be reviewing problematic topics in FA along with the list of high yield topics at the end of the book. I still have to finish 4 chapters in HY NA, so I'll do that as well. And I'll do some NBME q's (just 1 or 2 blocks a day).

# D left: 3

Edited by qirkergaard on Dec 15, 2014 - 4:54 PM


Didn't quite get to finishing HY NA yesterday, but will do it today for sure.

Still have a some topics from FA. I feel like I've forgotten everything I've read from FA. I really hope I can recollect this stuff by some stroke of luck + adrenaline on the day of.

Didn't do any q's yesterday. I'll probably just keep it light and go through this problematic topics at this point.

# D left: 2

Edited by qirkergaard on Dec 17, 2014 - 2:31 AM


Have around 6-8 topics left to be reviewed. Shouldn't take long. I'll probably finish study before 4 PM today as I need to go out and buy some stuff for tomorrow.

I guess this is it, the big day is tomorrow, and I can already feel the adrenaline kicking in. I also know that there is nothing I can do at this point but stay calm and prepare myself for tomorrow (which is why I'm going to keep the study to a bare minimum today).

Will just take a few sandwiches, hard candy and chocolate, energy drinks (mostly gatorade, which I guess is not really an energy drink but it's better than red bull coz the last time I took that stuff, I had a horrible headache), some aspirin and water.

I just want to be able to keep my focus until the end, which is really hard for this 7 hour exam. Will try my best.


Finished the exam today. I feel so depressed coz I think I totally bombed the exam. I sort of blacked out after block 5 and my head wouldn't cooperate with me after that block. It was just such a horrible experience. I marked almost 18-25 q's per block and double-triple guessed and all changed my answers 2-3 times. I was that lost and confused. I think my nerves were uncontrollable and that made me panic constantly, to the point of not being able to focus and think through pathogenic mechanisms.

My exam has loads of anatomy (pelvic), physiology, weird ethics q's, and lots of renal and cardio.

  #269 worry , all your hard work persistence patience will pay might have felt like lost...but your instincts, should not have...

fingers crossed...

enjoy the break...God bless!!!!


Hey, I wish you all the best man, you worked really hard.

Bummer to read you had that kind of experience. confused


I'm sure you did well. There are moments where people have felt as though they bombed but in fact aced the test.

I'm sure that is the case with you. Also somewhere I read that a test that seems difficult is probably a better bet in terms of scoring well on than and easier test.

Anyway, because of people like you on the forum I have decided to start my own journal.

I wish you all the best. I'm positive you would have done well despite that iffy feeling you have.


Hi qirkergaard!!!!
How you been????
I just read that u took ur step 1.....CONGRATULATIONS MY FRIEND!!!!, and don't feel depressed cuz u studied reaaaalllyyyy hardddd, so I'm sure u did well.
Congrats & good luck with the other STEPS
Keep in touch, ok?
Take care my friend!!!


Good to know exm done.

Lets see result what will it say so pl do not be depressed now.

Exm usually we all think we did not well.

You did 5 blocks well so last 2 blocks who knows you study well so even with nerevousness you might get right answer after all .

Now just go relax, let it refresh then wait for the result.

Wishing you getting great result nod


Hey! Nice to hear you're done with the exam. Hope it went well. Best of luck!

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