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 Dear Diary, here I come!  

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So did Kaplan Pharm General Principles (Pharmacokinetics, dynamics etc), ANS, Histamine and Serotonergic drugs (very very short sections) + DIT & FA Pharm.

Will do Cardiovascular pharm tomorrow from Kaplan and that's all for Kaplan pharm.

Will resume doing 1-2 blocks of UW.

Might start Goljan audio from the day after tomorrow.

p.s. Signed up for Step 1 yesterday so I'm hoping to get the schedule permit in 1-2 weeks.


This is currently my 8th read of FA and review of DIT

I finished FA + DIT Respiratory system + UW q's

Today's target:

FA + DIT Renal + UW qs
Kaplan Anatomy lecture notes


re goljan audio I also cannot stand his sound at start but give it a try after seceral shots u will get used to and enjoy it .
Some said they rather listen him than read his almost 800 now book sticking out tongue

I like book but if my time not allow I might end up review his audio mainly , will see.

So give him a chance to talk to u grin

GL to ur exm , will be busy with fm by ur exm time so let me wish for ur exm now.

Keep doing UW FA plus do goljan and ur kap [ as needed ].

GL nodcoolnodwinknodsmiling facenodgrin


Same old schedule these days:

FA review + DIT + UW q's (1-2 blocks) + Kaplan (if required) + Boards and Beyond (I like their videos even though they don't have videos for all subjects of of yet).


Did DIT + FA review of Reproductive today. I wanted to do reproductive physio from kaplan but I didn't get the time so I'll do it tomorrow along with FA + DIT Path (which is pretty short.)


Today's goals:
Kaplan Reproductive Physiology +
Do Reprodutive embryology from FA and DIT (it's under the foundations topics) +
1-2 UW Blocks

If I get time, I might do some Kaplan anatomy.


So did Kaplan Genetics videos yesterday along with the corresponding sections in FA.

Finishing the rest of FA Biochem today. Will do Kaplan molecular biology topics too.

Finished 2 blocks of UW. Rest of today's tasks are more or less done.

Edited by qirkergaard on Nov 29, 2014 - 7:34 AM


Have been doing FA and DIT together as usual along with UW Q's whenever I can.

Re-did NBME 12 yesterday just for practice. I keep having this constant fear that I've lost my edge on answering q's that I once used to delight answering. So I think the focus should be q's, FA, q's, FA, q's, FA with some other stuff thrown in between.

I will be taking UWSA2 this 8th + NBME 13 (did it already but doing it just to simulate the 8 hour exam.)

Still have the following left in terms of questions:
FREE 150


Did Micro part 1 (general micro, bacteriology, mycology, parasitology, and miscellaneous).

Will do Micro part 2 tomorrow (Virology + antimicrobial drugs)


Finished Micro 2 yesterday.

Will do Cardio 1 today (everything but for cardiovascular physiology) + UW + misc .


Finished Cardio 1 yesterday, didn't get to do UW though.

Will do Cardio 2 today (relatively short section) + B.S. + misc.


Finished Cardio 2 yesterday and did most of B.S. (didn't do biostats).

Will do Biostats + Immunology + misc. today.

No. of days remaining for the exam (abbreviated #D left): 12


good luck!


Thanks Makeitorbreakit. Good luck with your study too!

Finished today's target. Thought I'd read Kaplan pelvic anatomy but had relatives over.

#D left: 11


I have split Neuro from FA into 2 sections:
Neuro 1: Embryology, Anatomy, Pathology, Pharmacology
Neuro 2: Physiology

So I'll do Neuro 1 today + misc. (do Kaplan cross sections if I get the time) and if I get time, do some anatomy (don't know if I will as I'm starting my study quite late today.)

Edited by qirkergaard on Dec 08, 2014 - 2:00 AM


Hey! Doing pelvic anatomy is a good idea. I got quite a few questions on types of incontinence too. I forgot to mention that.

Looks like you're doing great! Good luck smiling face


Thanks IndiaInk, don't know if I'm doing great though. Just have to wait and see.

So did Neuro 1 yesterday + 1 block UW + urinary incontinence + some heart sounds and stuff.

Will do Neuro 2 today + 2 block UW + some Pelvic anatomy.

# D left: 10

Edited by qirkergaard on Dec 09, 2014 - 6:17 PM


Finished Neurology. Couldn't really do anything else yesterday.

Will do NBME 15 today+ 3 blocks from FA Q&A comprehensive exam to simulate the real deal.

I'll also review the 3 FA Q&A blocks today itself and review the NBME tomorrow.

# D left: 9

Update: Finished NBME 15 and good gracious, I scored horrible on this form. This form has given me the chills. It's scary considering I have slightly more than a week to improve.

Edited by qirkergaard on Dec 10, 2014 - 6:05 PM


you can do it!....just relax and be confident ..with a calm mind it will improve


Finished reviewing NBME 15 yesterday + 3 blocks of FAQ&As.

Today's schedule:
1) Abdominal, Renal and Pelvic anatomy from Kaplan (finished this morning)
2) FA Hepatitis topic (finished)
3) HY Neuroanatomy (selected topics, cross sections etc.)
4) Brain cross sections (midbrain, pons, medulla)
5) NBME 16 (min. 2 blocks, max. all 4)

# D left: 8

Update: Still have 5 chapters of HY NA to finish. Finished doing the brain cross-sections. Did 2 blocks of NBME 16.

Edited by qirkergaard on Dec 11, 2014 - 6:27 PM

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