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 Dear Diary, here I come!  

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Thanks momthejuggler smiling face


Hey how's ur sis , wishing her fever down and win the fight with get well soon with speedy recovery.nod

Keep healthy self too, ok .. both physical and mental .

I was getting dizzy, throwing up , loss sleep the night b4 Cs but on teh day just all wnet well and smoothly so ... have good faite and be positive, with confidnece.

Boy for me even 2nd FA I got bored. I only like new books unseen to study, focus well sticking out tongue ten repeat tiem I usally just read lightly not serious so... yes not a good habit .

GL for ur big day nodcoolnodgrinnodwinknodsmiling face


Hey Shwe, thanks, she's doing well now. She got discharged from the hospital this morning but boy oh boy we were all so lost, anxious, frightened, worried you name it. She had urosepsis and what scared us most was that she wasn't responding to antibiotics until you finally switched to one of the strongest ones.

The bad news is that I just couldn't focus this whole of last week and therefore canceled my date. I should now get a new eligibility period and a new date sad( there goes another $1000.


Hey! I'm glad your sis is finally doing okay! I'm sorry to hear about your exam postponement though. But... everything happens for a reason right? So now you have more time to make sure you get the best score possible! smiling face


Thanks IndiaInk, yup I guess everything does happen for a reason. I think the only thing that sucks is that I won't be able to fill out a new application until my current period expires (30th of Oct.), and once I do fill out the application, it takes around 3 weeks according to the ECFMG rep I spoke to earlier today, to get a schedule permit.


Started studying again from today. Feels like I'm starting the process all over agian even though it's only been 4-5 days since I haven't studied.

Anyways I'm doing NBME 2 + review today. Finished 2 blocks, have to do 2 more and then review all 4.

I'll get back to doing UW from tomorrow along with FA review. Initially I was doing just the marked q's on UW but now I'll do the whole bank (all 3: correct, marked and incorrect q's).

Unfortunately I have only one NBME left (form 15), so I'm going to have to save that for the last 10 days before the exam. I also have UWSA2 and FRED 150 q's, so i'll do those in the last week before the exam.

Hope you all have a good week!


You're v welcome. Glad to hear ur sis is ok now .

Will pm u now just hope that some of my 2 cents may help u tiny re ur exm tension . smiling face


all the best...very best...very glad to know your sis doing good...

and its just a bump...move on ..never mind 1000 will get it back many times multiplied...nodnodnod

we are humans...yup.

but just that this exam is a beast...agreesticking out tonguegrinsmiling face


Thanks Shwe and momthejuggler, yeah I've come too far in my prep to give it up now (whether it's due to a financial or an emotional constraint).

Will work hard and hope for the best. I just wish I have an exam date coz it's so hard to study when you don't have one coz I tend to justify my unusually long breaks.


Sorry to hear about ur sister,but thank God she's is feeling better now.
About ur exam.....don't feel bad!, try to think that everything happens 4 a reason, and keep studying hard like u always do.
Keep going my friend!!!. U r doing a great job nod


Thanks for the kind words Bakita, how have you been? and how is your study going?

Just did UWorld today and started HY Aanatomy (2x).


So, finished UW 3x (just the marked q's) but now since I have more time on my hands (thanks to the ridiculous waiting policy of ECFMG for making a new application; apparently you have to wait for 2 weeks after your extended eligibility period ends before applying again, which means I'll probably get an exam date in early December: sucks bigtime!), I'm just going to do 2-3 blocks of UW everyday in addition to my daily schedule.

Doing FA review as usual (Heme&Onc today), and continuing with HY Anatomy.


Continuing UW (3 blocks a day; have to done one more today)) + 1 chapter of FA (I did Heme&Onc today) + FA Q&A (did the Heme&Onc block today) + HY Anatomy (read 37 pages today) + R&C q's (1 chapter a day; yet to do my target for today).

Update: finished R&C block (endocrine system); Read another 10 pages of HY Anatomy

Edited by qirkergaard on Oct 29, 2014 - 10:33 PM


Will be doing something light today coz I have to go to church in the evening.

Today's targets:
FA Path
FA Q&A Path
HY Anatomy
R&C 1 block
2, may be 3 blocks UWorld if time permits


Didn't do much today:

FA General micro, bacteriology, mycology, parasitology and misc.
1 chapter from R&C

Will pick up the pace again from tomorrow.


Nothing much to update these duys as my schedule is fairly monotonous and involves a mixture of:

FA review
FA Q&As (corresponding to the FA system)
HY Anatomy (although I haven't done this in the last 3-4 days)
UW (again, haven't done it in the last 3 days)


Keep it up you're doing great! Just a month left, right? smiling face


Hopefully if I get the date. I think I'll most probably get a date sometime in the 1st week of December.


Sorry, haven't updated in a while, just been busy with a lot of things.

I've just finished the Robbins and Cottron Review of Pathology q's (total # of q's: 1307 q's)

This is how the book is broken down:
General Pathology: 420 q's
Diseases of Organ Systems: 814 q's
Final Review and Assessment: 73 qs; scored 68/73 = 93.15% (made 2 very very stupid mistakes)

My thoughts:
These q's are not really representative of Step 1 q's but they do lay a strong foundation. There are diseases that I've never heard of, so it was great to learn them however low-yield they may be. I don't know if it was helpful on the whole but I hope it does.


Finally finished the 7th read of FA. nod This read was pretty painful for some reason and I haven't really been able to concentrate that well after having canceled my exam date. I just need to move on and work harder and make the best of the little time I have. sad

Also finished FA Q&A book (550 qs) but haven't done the comprehensive exam in the end (well, I did 3 out 7 blocks, so 4 more to go). I plan to do 3 blocks with my next NBME to simulate the exam and then do the other 1 block with UWSA2.

My schedule for today and tomorrow:
Do problematic topics from Kaplan Pharm (ANS, the chapter on serotonin)

From day after tomorrow, I shall start DIT review and I'll probably do 2-2.5 hours of Goljan audios everyday. This DIT review would be my 8th read of FA (as I'll do both side by side). If I get extra time, I might review HY Neuroanatomy.

Quick q: has anyone of you done Goljan audios? I've done a couple of topics from there but I couldn't sit listening to the lectures for so long coz I got really bored. Did you find it helpful?

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